Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake

Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake Chapter 35

35- Proposing the right guy. the bell. Pressing the switch she waited. “Rafael is the best choice right now.” She gave him an over-brightened smile. “Plus he likes brunets.” She winked. 1 Hunter’s eyes were wide with disbelief. “Abi, what are you planning to do? Let’s go back to the room. We can talk, sweetie, …

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Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake Chapter 34

34- His answer. Hunter‘s eyes went wide with shock. His mouth was wide open. Never in his wildest dreams had h e ever imagined this proposal, “Wait.….what?”  “Marry me. Remember about that contract marriage which you were interested in? Well, I want that contract marriage with you. But there would be my terms included as well.”  She looked at Hunter, and when he could not speak then she raised an eyebrow in anticipation.  “Hunter? Won‘t you say anything?” Hunter seemed speechless at the moment. His lips were stretched in a thin line. She was holding her breath waiting for his answer. “Hunter. My sister is back with Kyle. They are pregnant. And I badly need someone for face saving. You are the only option right now ….” she could not continue.  These tears were making it difficult to her.  She moved forward and leaned her forehead on his. “I would save your face in front of your family. I would even pay you…” that got Hunter‘s attention like anything.  Instead of giving any response he stood …

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