That Can Be Arranged

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always been yours
always been yours

That Can Be Arranged chapter 110

Chapter 110 You’re Gregory’s Lifesaver Right then, Nicholas grinned before he reached out to ruffle Gregory’s hair. “Good boy.” When Tessa saw that, she smiled as well. In fact, Nicholas’s actions made her change her impression of him, as she used to think that Nicholas was a cold-hearted entrepreneur that wasn’t affectionate at all. However, …

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That Can Be Arranged chapter 108

Chapter 108 Secret Base Still, Tessa was embarrassed. “I-I’m just afraid that you might misunderstand.” Nicholas snorted. “Don’t worry. I won’t.” Then, his gaze shifted toward Edward coldly. Immediately, Edward flinched when he met Nicholas’s gaze. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. President Sawyer and Miss Reinhart… Are you guys alright?” Although he …

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