Never Late, Never Away Chapter 100

“I was just thinking if you were unhappy,” Vivian replied honestly.

“Unhappy about what?”

She hesitated for a moment. “Unhappy because I got hurt from saving Fabian.”

Vivian deliberately replied in a soft voice. It was akin to a fluttering feather on his heart.

“Yes, I am mad.” Finnick’s deep-set gaze warmed up at her admission of guilt.

Vivian did not expect Finnick to be so straightforward. She lifted her head and met his gaze.

He titled his brows slightly at the woman’s adorably puzzled expression. “Aren’t you going to ask why I’m mad?”

“I-I think I know why you’re mad,” Vivian stuttered.

“Enlighten me.”

“Because I’m your wife.” Vivian blinked her eyes. “I don’t think any man could bear with the fact that his wife got hurt because of an ex-boyfriend…”

The dim in Finnick’s gaze was undetectable to unheeding eyes.

He did not know whether to feel angry or helpless at her reply.

Does this stupid woman still think that I’m only feeling possessive over her?

How obtuse could she get?

“Finnick?” Vivian broke the silence when she noticed that he wasn’t answering her. “I’m sorry. I was inconsiderate of your feelings this time. I will be extra careful next time.”

Finnick put down the chicken soup in his hand. The sound of the spoon touching the bowl was crisp amidst the pin-drop silence between them. Vivian was taken aback by the sudden move.

“Vivian, so this is why you think I’m mad?” Finnick looked at her in the eyes. She nodded in response blankly. In return, his gaze darkened further. “What if I say I’m mad not only because you’re my wife?”

Vivian was stumped.

Not only because I’m his wife?

What else could it be? Our marriage is contractual after all.

Is he… jealous of Fabian?

The thought fleeted across her mind for only a fraction of a second before she dismissed it. A bitter smile crept her face as she shook her head to clear her head.

That’s impossible. Finnick is no ordinary man. If I were not his wife, he wouldn’t have bothered himself with me. It’s ridiculous to think that he’s jealous.

I’m being delusional.

“I don’t know.” She looked at Fabian helplessly. Baffled, she asked, “Why are you mad then?”

Finnick’s eyes flashed with fury at her question.

The next moment, he grabbed her chin and brought her face close to his own. He said in a low voice, almost like a threat, “Vivian, are you really unaware of it? Or are you playing games with me?”

She was a little shocked, especially because he inched himself close to her.

The hint of fear in her eyes did not go unnoticed.

It prompted him to be cool-headed right then and there.

He let go of the woman when he noticed that she was getting frightened.

“I’m sorry for losing my cool,” Finnick said as he set his back straight on his wheelchair.

“It’s alright.” Vivian felt like something was off with Finnick today. However, she did not divulge further since he was still mad at her.

Finnick’s gaze darkened as he regarded Vivian.

When is this stupid woman going to realize that my feelings toward her are not just the possessiveness of a contractual husband toward his wife?

Finnick did not have much experience in this matter. Besides, women were always flocking to him. He had not actually pursued a woman before. Hence, he did not know how to express his feelings.

He suppressed the boiling anger and frustration inside himself after looking at her pale face and the wound on her arm. He was back to his usual calm self. “Vivian, why did you save Fabian?”

Even though the woman did not understand his feelings, he still felt the need to make certain things clear.

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