Never Late, Never Away Chapter 101

Vivian did not expect Finnick’s question. She froze for a second before answering, “I didn’t think so much at that time. I just wanted to stop that man. I never thought he’d be that crazy to do something to me as well.”

Finnick’s eyes darted away but he kept silent.

“But it’s good that I’ve saved Fabian this time.” As though she had thought of something, an indecipherable glimmer showed up in her eyes. “At least I no longer feel like I still owe him something.”

It was only then Finnick looked at her. “Owe him something?”

“Yes.” Vivian nodded. “I had financial issues when I was studying. I kept working and applying for scholarships, and Fabian secretly helped me a lot.”

Rachel raised Vivian by herself; the former never had the best of health. By the time Vivian entered university, Rachel could no longer afford her daughter’s tuition fees and living expenses.

That was why Vivian had always applied for scholarships and worked as she studied. However, Z College was full of talented students. It was difficult for her to come across the opportunity to apply for scholarships or seek work.

Yet, despite having mediocre results, she always managed to clinch the best scholarships. Furthermore, she always “coincidentally” found convenient yet good-paying jobs.

Back then, she thought it was God favoring her. However, ever since she found out Fabian was the son of the Norton family, she realized the truth— Fabian had been the one helping her behind the scene all along.

Vivian did not like to owe other people favors, especially when she was now in an awkward relationship with Fabian.

Therefore, by saving him this time, she considered herself having returned his favor.

From now on, both the favors she had owed him in her younger days and the pain he had brought her would be wiped off the ledger.

Vivian was lost in her thoughts. She did not notice that Finnick was looking at her with dim eyes.

She owed Fabian back then?

Finnick could not find the words to describe the feelings in him.

Did I come into her life too late?

The Vivian he knew was an independent woman who always bore her own burdens.

He never knew she used to be an ordinary student. He also never knew about her past or the financial status of her family, for which she had suffered great humiliation.

However, Fabian had known her all this while and had been the one to quietly give her love and support.

Finnick abruptly raised his hand to hold Vivian’s.

She jumped when the warmth of his hand seeped into hers. Looking up at him, she asked, “Finnick, what’s wrong?”

Finnick stared at her, his expression hard to fathom. He murmured, “Nothing. I was just hoping I could’ve met you earlier.”

Even if he had not met her in her college days, he would be glad to have met her two years ago. That was her weakest moment, and he wanted to be the one to save her.

Vivian was dumbfounded by Finnick’s abrupt words. She nodded slowly. Thinking that Finnick was still angry, she added, “Don’t be upset, Finnick. If you were the one in his place yesterday, I’ll go to you, too.”

Vivian only said those words to appease Finnick; she never thought her simple words would stun him.

Right away, his anger faded away.

In fact, the corner of his lips even turned upwards. He raised a brow and gazed at Vivian. “Do you mean it?”

Vivian nodded fervently.

Looking at the obedient woman, even Finnick himself could not believe the frustration he had been feeling could dissipate so quickly.

Damn it.

Are my feelings already so easily swayed by Vivian William?

He tried his best to maintain his calmness. After carefully feeding her the chicken soup, he moved, about to leave. “I’m going back to the office. Rest well here.”

When he turned to leave, Vivian suddenly grabbed the edge of his shirt.

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