Never Late, Never Away Chapter 102

Finnick froze before turning around. “What’s wrong?”

“I… don’t want to stay in the hospital.” Vivian looked at him with a slight frown. “I’ve always hated being in the hospital. Also, look at me: it’s just a minor injury so there’s no need for me to stay here. Can I go home?”

Finnick frowned. “It’s safer to stay in the hospital. What if your wound gets infected? What if that man’s dagger has some virus or bacteria on it?”

Vivian was speechless.

He’s just a working-class man. He won’t think that much.

Knowing that Finnick could not be persuaded by force, she tried to feign pity. “Finnick, I’m really fine. Moreover, you’ll be there. If my wound gets infected, you can call the doctor for me, right?”

Indeed, Finnick’s furrowed brows relaxed. She swiftly added, “Furthermore, the hospital is having a shortage of beds now. It’s not right for me to use a room when I’m completely fine, is it?”

A part of Finnick’s heart softened seeing the way she tried to convince him. “Alright. I’ll send you home before I go to the office.”

Vivian cheered in her mind as she watched Finnick arrange for her discharge. Soon, she was in Finnick’s black Bentley.

On their way back, Vivian thought of something. “Right. Finnick, what happened to the person who hurt me?”

“I’ve arranged for a lawyer to take up the case.” When he thought about that person, Finnick’s expression turned colder. “Don’t worry. I won’t let him off easily.”

If not for that idiotic Fabian getting the cops involved with this, I’d definitely have made that man’s life a living hell.

Vivian frowned. “Finnick, don’t cross the line. Scaring him is more than enough.”

Finnick turned to look at Vivian. “He hurt you. Aren’t you angry?”

“A little,” Vivian muttered, “But at the end of the day, they’re pitiful people. They’ve left everything behind to work in the city but they still have nothing in the end. That’s why they tried to take revenge on us. It’s frustration that they’re feeling. Of course, they’re doing it the wrong way, but the truly evil ones is that senior manager. I only want to teach him a lesson so he knows what he’s done wrong.”

Finnick peeked at Vivian, but he neither agreed with nor refused her. He only said, “I understand. We’ve arrived. Rest first.”

It was then that Vivian realized they had arrived at the villa. She stepped out of the car.

After Vivian got out, Noah, seated in the front passenger seat, turned and queried, “Mr. Norton, so what do we do with the man who hurt Ms. William?”

“Tell the lawyer to bail him out. Once he’s out, teach him a lesson,” Finnick ordered.

Leaving this man, who hurt my woman, to the police is too easy of a way out for him.

Not surprised by Finnick’s answer, Noah nodded, but what Finnick said next was out of his expectation. “After teaching him a lesson, let him go. You should then look for those at the management level, find evidence of their corruption, and make them pay off the company’s debts with their private assets. Make them pay the employees, too.”

Noah was stunned. He stared in disbelief at Finnick.

Since when did Mr. Norton become so nice? I can’t believe he’s actually concerned about the employees’ wages.

Finnick ignored him. He simply watched Molly come to the door and anxiously help Vivian into the house.

Finnick was not a benevolent busybody.

However, this was different: it was Vivian’s request.

The man who hurt Vivian had to pay his price. However, Vivian pitied him, so Finnick would do as she wished and help those employees.

As long it was something she wanted, he would do it for her.


At the Norton residence.

Fabian was calculating the sales of the current magazine issue. However, no matter how many times he did the sum, the figures were wrong. In the end, he pushed away his laptop in frustration and leaned back in the chair.

Damn it.

It had been days. Ever since Vivian was hurt because of him, his mind had been wandering.

No matter what he did, the anxious look Vivian had when she ran toward him kept appearing in his mind.

He had thought she was no longer the Vivian he knew, but she had saved him.

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