Never Late, Never Away Chapter 103

If she were a woman who worshipped the rich and gave up everything for money, she would not have saved him when he was in danger.

Have I misunderstood something about her these two years?

Frustration was overwhelming Fabian.

Whenever he thought about the possibility of him having misunderstood Vivian, he became agitated. Yet, he felt it was impossible that he had been mistaken.

After a long while of feeling conflicted, he finally took his phone and made a call.

“Hello? It’s me,” Fabian uttered when the call was picked up, “Check something for me. Investigate it. I want the truth.”

After reaching home, Vivian took a long shower and finally got rid of the disinfectant smell of the hospital.

Sleep took control over her soon after she lay on her bed.

She did not like being in hospitals, so she had not slept well the few nights she had spent there. Now, she was finally back.

She subconsciously turned toward Finnick’s side of the bed.

When her head sank into the soft pillow, Vivian suddenly smelled Finnick’s scent.

It was the smell of his shampoo, along with a tinge of cigar fragrance. Vivian felt a wave of calmness washing over her as she breathed in the blended scent.

She suddenly felt greedy, not wanting to turn back to her spot. She ended up falling asleep on Finnick’s pillow.

In the evening, when Finnick entered the bedroom, he saw Vivian lying on his side of the bed like a kitten.

He stood transfixed for a second before curling his lips upward in the next.

Closing the door, he silently stood up from the wheelchair and walked toward the bed.

Vivian was in deep sleep and did not notice him coming closer.

Finnick had wanted to tuck her into the blanket, but when he lifted the blanket he saw the wound on her arm. He could not help but furrow his brows.

Vivian had showered earlier. Although she made sure to keep her wound away from water, some water had still made its way there. The bandage was slightly damp, and as she fell asleep so quickly, she had forgotten to change her bandage.

Dissatisfaction swirled in Finnick’s eyes.

She’s an adult. Why can’t she take better care of herself?

Finnick had wanted to wake Vivian up to change her bandage, but when he looked at her deep in slumber—she was even drooling on his pillow—he could not bring himself to do so.

With a sigh, he picked up the medication on the table that Vivian brought back from the hospital and placed it on the bed. He then slowly unwrapped her bandage.

Vivian was sound asleep when she sensed someone touching the bandage on her hand. In the beginning, she took no notice of it, but pain abruptly exploded at the site of her wound. It was then she jerked awake. “Ouch!”

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Finnick sitting by her bed with a cotton swab in his hand. The bandage on her arm was completely unwrapped, exposing her wound to the air.

“Finnick?” She stiffened. “You’re back?”

“Yes.” Finnick did not look at her but continued to focus on his task at hand.

Immediately, Vivian gritted her teeth from the pain. She could not help but curl up. “B-Be gentler.”

Finnick lifted a brow. “I’m not being rough. You forgot to change your bandage in time, so the wound is a little infected. I have to clear the pus before I can apply medication.”

Vivian suddenly recalled the doctor informing her to change her bandage twice a day. However, she had fallen asleep since she came home, so she had not done that.

“I’ve forgotten about it,” she murmured.

Finnick shot her a disgruntled look. As if he was punishing her, he pressed the swab harder than he should. “How can you forget about something as important as this? Should I let you stay in the hospital? That’s safer.”

Pain traveled up her arm from her wound, and Vivian’s face paled. She begged, “I know I’m wrong, but I’m too tired this time. Tell Molly about it and let her remind me.”

When he saw sweat beading on Vivian’s forehead, Finnick immediately stopped pressing as hard. He frowned and asked, “Does it hurt that much?”

“Obviously. Try getting stabbed with a knife,” Vivian grumbled.

It was just some words of complaint, but Finnick lowered his eyes and whispered, “I have been stabbed before.”

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