Never Late, Never Away Chapter 104

Vivian froze. She turned to look at Finnick. “Was it when you were kidnapped ten years ago?

Finnick was raised in a rich family. Other than the kidnapping ten years ago, Vivian could not think of any way he could have been seriously injured.

“That’s right.” Finnick lowered his head as he applied medication to her wound, so she could not see his expression. “Three blows, all on my leg. If I weren’t treated in time back then, I would really have been crippled.”

Vivian’s arm shuddered. She then realized how irresponsible her words were. She lowered her gaze and murmured, “I’m sorry…”

“What are you sorry about?”

“I mentioned something upsetting.” Vivian suddenly felt that she had complained too much about her injury. It was minor in comparison to what Finnick had gone through. She was sounding like she was made of glass.

“It’s fine,” Finnick replied.

However, Vivian could not help but ask, “Do you have scars? Were there any repercussions?”

Although Vivian had glanced at Finnick’s body in the bathroom previously, he had a towel wrapped around his waist so she never saw his lower body. That was why she did not know about the wounds on this leg.

“My physical therapy was quite the success, so there aren’t any major issues. That spot only hurts when it rains,” Finnick answered. Right then, a thought entered his mind and he looked up at Vivian with a raised brow. “Why, do you want to take a look?”

“At the scar?” Vivian froze. The injury was at such a sensitive spot; how am I supposed to look at it? Hurriedly, she muttered, “No, no. Ah!”

She was in the middle of rejecting him when pain once again radiated from her injured arm, making her scream aloud.

“Finally, it’s out.” In comparison with Vivian’s pallid face, Finnick looked calm as he threw the cotton swab onto a piece of tissue.

Dumbfounded for a few seconds, she only realized what had happened after seeing the scab with pus at the tip of the cotton swab.

Finnick only made the suggestion of looking at his scar to divert her attention so that he could do a thorough cleaning of her injured spot.

“We’ll be done once the medication is applied.” Looking at Vivian’s colorless face, Finnick softened his tone. He took a new cotton swab and dabbed on her wound. “Hold on for a little longer.”

“I know, but… Be gentler. Ah! Not here… Gentler.”

Vivian focused all her attention on the pain she felt while Finnick applied medication for her. She did not know that outside her room, Molly had heard a part of their conversation and was blushing bright red.

Molly had come to ask Vivian and Finnick to go downstairs for food. She never thought that she would hear Vivian screaming and mumbling words like “no” and “gentler.”

One must forgive Molly for having thought of the wrong things.

Molly was excited by what she had heard. She abandoned her original thought of asking the two to eat and rushed back downstairs.

“Molly, where are Mr. and Mrs. Norton?” When Liam saw Molly coming downstairs alone, he furrowed his brows. “Come and eat. The food’s getting cold.”

“Who cares about the food?” Molly walked over with a reddened face. “They’re busy in their room. Don’t interrupt them.”

Liam was clueless for a second before he realized what Molly was talking about. He, too, had a look of joy on his face. “Do you mean they’re…”

“Hush, old man. Aren’t you ashamed to say those things out loud?” Molly shot a glare at Liam but she could not hide the smile on her face.

“This is great news!” Liam was exceptionally happy as well. He promptly stood up. “I have to tell the good news to the elder Mr. Norton.”

Upstairs, Vivian had no idea her shouts of pain had been misinterpreted by Molly and Liam.

After changing her bandage, she noticed her growling stomach and went downstairs with Finnick.

When Molly saw them, she was taken aback. “Oh, why are you so quick? I mean, I just finished preparing dinner. Come and eat quickly, Mr. and Mrs. Norton.”

Vivian sat down on the chair, but her arm movements were restricted. Molly moved over and was about to feed her when Finnick had already wheeled himself next to her. He picked up the bowl and asked quietly, “What do you want to eat?”

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