Never Late, Never Away Chapter 105

By now, Vivian was more used to being fed by Finnick as he had done it for her once back at the hospital. She obediently replied, “I want the broccoli and eggplants.”

Finnick immediately took the food and fed them to Vivian.

Beside them, both Molly and Liam were astounded by the scene.

Mr. Norton is feeding someone?

This is unbelievable. I never thought I’d live to see this with my own eyes!

Vivian took a long time to finish dinner. She was beyond embarrassed when she saw Finnick busily feeding her. Awkwardly, she mumbled, “Finnick, I can eat with my left hand. Please just eat your dinner.”

Finnick ignored her. He only started eating when she was done with her meal.

Soon, Finnick was done as well. When he saw Molly clearing the dishes, he said, “Molly, Vivian needs to change her bandage every day. Do remind her in the future.”

Molly nodded. The plates were in her hands, but she did not head to the kitchen.

Realizing the woman seemed to have something to say to him, he raised his head and queried, “Is there anything else?”

“About that… Mr. Norton…” Molly hesitated, but looking at the pallor of Vivian’s face she continued, “Although it’s good that you’re loving with Mrs. Norton, she is still injured. Shouldn’t you… Shouldn’t you be gentler?”

Molly only had good intentions when she said those words. She had heard Vivian’s scream earlier and then noticed she was quite pale when she came downstairs for a meal. Molly’s heart ached for the younger woman.

Both Finnick and Vivian were dumbfounded. However, they were adults and they soon realized what was going on with the reddened faces and suggestive looks on Molly and Liam.

Vivian’s face flushed red.

Oh no.

Did Molly misunderstand my shouts of pain when he was applying medication for me earlier?

“Molly, actually-” Vivian was easily embarrassed and was about to explain to Molly when Finnick interrupted, “Molly, don’t worry.”

Finnick had a tranquil look on his face. “I know Vivian’s hurt so I was being careful with her. I was the one who did everything.”

Vivian’s eyes grew wide as saucers.

What do you mean you did everything?

Not only is he not blushing from this, but he even made such an embarrassing lie!

Both Molly and Liam had not expected the usually cold Finnick to say something as blatant as this. They were stunned by his words but soon recollected themselves. With a smile, they nodded. “That’s good. You are considerate after all.”

The hell you are considerate!

By now, Vivian was as red as a tomato. She was about to open her mouth to explain, but Finnick squeezed her hand under the table. Evidently, he did not want her to say anything.

Thus, with a flushed face, she could only quietly let Finnick hold her hand as they went upstairs.

Vivian finally exploded when they retreated to their room.

She grabbed a pillow with her uninjured hand and threw it at Finnick. “Finnick, what nonsense were you talking about just now? What do you mean by you did everything? You’re… You’re ridiculous!”

Finnick caught the pillow easily before it hit him.

He could not help but burst into laughter when he saw her huffing in anger.

I’m sure she doesn’t even realize that she’s getting more and more unruly in front of me. She even dares to hit me now!

However, the way Vivian was acting actually lifted his mood.

A barely discernible smile grew on his lips as he asked, “What’s wrong? You don’t like it? But we’re husband and wife and it’s normal for us to do such things in bed. Otherwise, how will Molly report to Grandpa?”

Vivian tensed up. Her senses slowly came back to her as she recalled Finnick telling her that Molly and Liam were sent by his grandfather to monitor Finnick and her.

It was then she realized Finnick had meant for Molly and Liam—and therefore the elder Mr. Norton—to misunderstand them.

“But…” Vivian still felt her face heating up when she thought about what Finnick had said earlier. “You didn’t need to… say things that way…”

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