Never Late, Never Away Chapter 106

A sense of adoration swelled in Finnick’s heart when he looked at the blush on Vivian’s face. His eyebrows rose. “What things?”

“The ones like ‘I did all the work’…” Vivian’s voice trailed off as her head hung lower and lower.

Finnick let out a soft chuckle as he raised Vivian’s chin with his thumb. “I’m serious about what I said. I’m supposed to be the one taking lead. Unless… you’re interested to give it a try?”

“N-No need.” Like a mouse whose tail was stepped on, she jumped and ran toward the wardrobe. “I-I’m going to take a shower now. Bye!”

With that said, she hurriedly grabbed her towel with her left hand and rushed into the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, Vivian stared at her bright red face in the mirror.

Damn it.

She covered her face with her hands.

Vivian William, why are you so useless? All Finnick did was joke with you a little. Why are you so dramatic with your reactions? Idiot.

Although Vivian’s arm was injured, Finnick’s bathroom was well-equipped with a high-tech showerhead; she could adjust the range for the water to flow down. Carefully, she showered without wetting the wound.

When she walked out of the bathroom after her shower, she saw Finnick sitting still on the balcony.

Vivian dried her hair with her towel. She was about to tell him it was his turn but stopped after taking a few steps closer.

She saw an item in Finnick’s hands, and he was staring at it in a daze.

Shining brilliantly under the moonlight, Vivian immediately recognized the item.

That necklace again.

Vivian had seen this necklace multiple times. Every time, Finnick would hold it like it was something precious and stare at it in a daze.

Vivian swallowed the words that were at the tip of her tongue; she looked at Finnick silently instead.

The moon was bright tonight. The expression on Finnick’s face was vastly different from the one he often wore, as if he were someone else.

His expression was a blend of longing, regret, and helplessness.

Vivian did not know why she was feeling uncomfortably upset, as if a porcupine had pricked her heart.

Right then, seemingly sensing Vivian’s presence, Finnick turned around.

“You’re done?” In a blink of an eye, the expression on his face had returned to its usual indifference. His hand had closed around the necklace, hiding it away from view.

“Mm.” As quickly as possible, Vivian calmed herself down. “It’s your turn.”

“Okay,” Finnick replied, then went back into the room.

Instead of heading straight to the bathroom, he went to his desk. He carefully placed the necklace into the first drawer before entering the bathroom with his towel.

Vivian remained in the room. When she heard the sounds of running water coming from the bathroom, her eyes flitted toward the desk.

She grew curious.

What is the history of that necklace? Why does he always look so sad when he sees that necklace?

Vivian did not know what was wrong with her. She had never been a nosy person, but now she felt an invisible hand was pushing her in the direction of the desk.

Just one look.

It should be fine, right?

After making sure Finnick was still showering inside the bathroom, Vivian held her breath and sneakily opened his drawer.

She did not know what was wrong with her. That necklace felt like a thorn in her heart, and she could not get it out of her mind.

She had never felt like this, not even when she was with Fabian back then.

Finnick’s drawer was not locked and she could easily open it. Vivian saw several documents inside. On top of the documents were several photos as well as that necklace.

She carefully took out the necklace and rested it on her palm.

It was a beautiful crystal necklace. Although it was not as luxurious as one made of diamonds, it gave off a sense of innocence. It was apparent from the workmanship that this was no cheap necklace.

Vivian turned the necklace in her hands. When she saw the back of it, she stopped in her tracks.

The front of the necklace showed a heart, and at the back of it was a word.

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