Never Late, Never Away Chapter 107

While the rest of the necklace was carved delicately, it was obvious that this word was carved by someone unfamiliar with jewelry. It was slightly rough but readable—Eve.


The elder Mr. Norton’s words suddenly echoed in her mind. it’s been ten years. Ever since Evelyn died, I thought Finnick won’t fall in love with anyone else anymore.

Does this necklace belong to that woman named Evelyn?

Who is she? Is she Finnick’s ex-girlfriend? What happened to her?

Driven by curiosity, Vivian could not help but take the photos out of the drawer as well.

When she saw the photos, her hands stiffened.

In the photos were a young man and woman in their late teens.

Vivian easily recognized the young man as Finnick.

It was Finnick when he was much younger; he did not look like the mature man he was now. In the photos, he looked just as handsome but more youthful and exuberant.

If today’s Finnick were a cup of aromatic and gentle white tea, the Finnick back then must have been a glass of whiskey, intense and proud. But just as good-looking to attract anybody with one glance.

However, what Vivian was more concerned with was the girl in the photo.

She was beautiful, so pretty to the point even Vivian could not tear her eyes away from her.

She had always thought Ashley was beautiful, but in comparison with this girl, who was like a rose, Ashley was a mere carnation. There was something the girl had that Ashley did not.

Is this pretty girl… Evelyn? The owner of this necklace?

A sense of misery surged in Vivian’s heart.

It was the same feeling as she had felt back in elementary school when Harvey finally grew a conscience and transferred her to a private school. The first time she saw Ashley, the latter was wearing a pretty dress while she herself was in hand-me-downs that had belonged to a neighbor’s son. Vivian now felt the same anxiety.

Vivian was lost in her thoughts. She did not even notice that the sound of running water from the bathroom had ceased.

Not until a cold and furious voice traveled into her ears.

“Vivian, what are you doing?”

By the time Vivian snapped back to her senses, a cold bucket of water had metaphorically poured onto her. She swiftly stood up to see that Finnick had come out of the bathroom. He was in pajamas and his hair was still damp. His cold, dark eyes were fixed on her.

Still holding onto the necklace, Vivian panicked, feeling like a thief caught in action. “Finnick, I- Ah!”

She frantically tried to explain herself while putting the necklace back into the drawer. In the midst of her nervousness, she dropped the necklace.

The color on her face drained.

It was a crystal necklace! It would shatter when it fell onto the floor!

She instantly crouched down to catch it, without caring that her arm was injured. Vivian could feel her wound tear, but the thought of her injury was at the very back of her mind.

Yet, Finnick was faster than she.

He crouched after a quick step over and caught the necklace before it could come into contact with the floor.

As such, Vivian only grasped the air instead of the necklace. She heaved a relieved sigh when she saw that the necklace was safe.

Before she could finish sighing, she heard Finnick’s frigid voice above her head.

“Vivian, can you explain to me what you’re doing?”

Her heart skipped a beat. When she lifted her head, she could see Finnick staring at her coldly while holding onto the necklace.

When she locked eyes with him, her heart ached as though a hammer had struck it.

She never thought that Finnick would ever look at her in this way.

Even when they were unfamiliar with each other back then and Finnick had been indifferent to her, he had never given her a look like this.

His frigid look embodied disgust and hatred.

Vivian’s lips trembled before she finally whispered, “I’m sorry. I keep seeing you lost in your thoughts while looking at the necklace. I couldn’t help but feel curious…”

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