Never Late, Never Away Chapter 108

Her voice grew soft, so soft that it could barely be heard.

Even Vivian knew how terrible her excuse was. She had been snooping around. She could barely believe that she had done something so horrible.

When Finnick saw how pale Vivian was, he felt a blunt ache in his heart.

Damn it.

Was I too harsh with her? Did I scare her?

Finnick did not want to sound mad at her, but when the necklace was nearly dropped on the ground, wrath had exploded in his chest.

The necklace meant too many things to him. If it had shattered…

Finnick dared not imagine it.

Knowing that he would not be able to speak with Vivian calmly now, he turned and went toward the wardrobe. He took out his shirt and muttered, “I have some things to attend to in the office. I’ll go out for a while. Rest early.”

Vivian’s lashes fluttered.

Does Finnick not want to see me?

She could not say anything but bite on her lower lip and nod.

Finnick was quick to change. Without drying his hair, he sat in his wheelchair and left the room.

Molly was cleaning the house when she saw Finnick come downstairs. She stared at him with wide eyes.

“Mr. Norton, it’s already so late in the night. Where are you going?” She hurried over. “And your hair! Why is it wet? Dry it quickly!”

Finnick paused in his tracks. Although his expression remained cold, he calmly uttered, “Molly, I have things to attend to in the office. Remember to remind Vivian to change her bandage.”

“Sure, but…”

Before Molly could finish her sentence, Finnick had wheeled away without sparing another glance at her.

In the room.

As if she had lost her soul, Vivian collapsed onto the bed.

Pangs of sharp pain came from her arm. She carefully unwrapped the bandage to look at it and found that her wound had indeed ruptured.

Vivian knew she had to clean the wound again, so she picked up a new cotton swab. Unfortunately, her left hand was not as nimble and she stabbed her wound a few times, causing more bleeding.

Tears fell from her eyes. She did not know if it was from the pain or from Finnick’s reprimand earlier.

Seems like the necklace means a great deal to Finnick.

All she did was to hold it in her hands, and Finnick lost his temper.


How cruel. I’m a person, but I’m no match for a necklace. ‘m just a speck of dust in Finnick’s heart.

The unpleasant thought reared its ugly head in her mind, so much so that it even surprised Vivian herself.

The next second, she flashed a bitter smile.

Vivian, Vivian. Why should Finnick think that you’re more important than that necklace?

That necklace should be a gift from his ex-girlfriend, Evelyn. She’s such a pretty girl. Even a strand of her hair is prettier than your entire being. Naturally, her necklace matters much more than you.

Besides, aren’t you too carried away recently? Just because Finnick is now slightly nicer to you, you’ve forgotten who you are. How dare you rummage through his things!

You think too highly of yourself.

Vivian should have known that other than her mother, no one else would truly care about her in this world.

Her biological father, Harvey, and Fabian, who had promised to stay by her side forever, were only passersby in her life.

How can I possibly hope Finnick will treat me differently?

Vivian understood this better than anyone.


Why does my chest feel so tight?

Vivian reached out to put her hand on her chest. It was painful and uncomfortable as if it were squeezed by an invisible force.

Is it because…

A thought flashed across her mind. She suddenly felt there was something in her heart she could no longer ignore.

Is it because…

I’m falling in love with Finnick?


That night, Finnick did not return.

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