Never Late, Never Away Chapter 109

Molly wanted to help Vivian clean her wound but the latter rejected her offer. Vivian did not want Molly to see her reddened eyes, so she decided to clean it herself.

Vivian woke up early the next morning and felt instantly lonely when she realized there was no one around her.

Damn it.

She patted her cheeks to wake herself up.

Vivian did not like how she looked at this point; she needed to pull herself together.

After breaking up with Fabian two years ago, she swore to never fall in love with anyone again, even though she would still get married and have children.

Am I going to lose myself again?

No. No way.

Vivian made a swift decision.

She got out of the bed and dragged a few luggage bags downstairs with her left hand.

“Where are you going, Mrs. Norton?” Molly was taken aback.

“My mom was recently discharged from the hospital, so I plan to go home and take care of her.” Vivian pursed her lips and looked at Molly. “I miss her.”

“But you’re still injured. How are you going to take care of someone else?” Molly panicked. “Why don’t you bring your mom over? I can take care of her as well.”

Vivian rejected. “It’s alright, Molly. My mom wouldn’t feel comfortable staying here. I’ll tell Finnick about this, so don’t worry.”

After finishing her breakfast, Vivian called a car and left the residence.

Upon arriving at her own home, Vivian spent some time cleaning the space. After all, she had been away for quite some time. She took a glance at her watch and decided to go to work since it was still early.

By right, she should have returned to work since her injury was just a minor one. She was, however, still given a week off, and no one from the magazine company questioned her. It must be because of Fabian.

When she arrived at the office, Sarah and Jenny went up to her to genuinely inquire about her health. Though Shannon and a few other colleagues made fun of her from afar, Vivian did not let that bother her.

Just as she was about to start working, she heard some fast-paced footsteps coming in her direction.

She turned around and saw Fabian’s tensed expression.

“Mr. Norton?” Vivian stood up from her chair right away. She looked at Fabian and knitted her brows. “Yes?”

She was not sure if her mind was playing tricks on her but felt Fabian looked strange today.

It was as if a demon had possessed him. He disregarded the people around, went up to Vivian, and grabbed her by her shoulder. Fabian growled in a deep voice, “Why didn’t you tell me you were innocent? Someone framed you two years ago, am I right?”

Vivian was thunderstruck; she became as white as a sheet.

Her lips began to twitch. She glared at Fabian and was at a loss for words.

Fabian got even more teary-eyed as he continued to shake her. “Why didn’t you explain yourself? Why did you allow me to humiliate you and insult you?”

Fabian had reached his breaking point.

It was clear that someone had set Vivian up when Fabian investigated her two years ago. He could not describe his feelings at this moment after learning that she had been wrongly accused.

He could not imagine the pain and struggle she had gone through over the years.

Not only did he not offer her the help she needed, but he also even rubbed salt into her wound by humiliating her.

At the same time, he was also mad at her for suffering in silence ever since they reunited. He was mad at her for not clearing things up.

Fabian could not control his emotions, and this was why he wanted to seek Vivian’s confirmation today. Even if she’s at Finnick’s place, he would still make a trip there to hear what she had to say!

But as he was about to leave his office, he realized Vivian had returned to work.

Fabian did not care what the people around would think of him; he just wanted Vivian to tell him the truth.

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