Never Late, Never Away Chapter 11

“A misunderstanding?” Vivian’s words had merely served to infuriate Fabian. His voice soared, as he soon pinched her chin.

He was exerting so much force upon it that Vivian’s face had started to contort in pain.

“What misunderstanding? In my opinion, you’d seen that the broke bloke from two years ago had suddenly struck his pot of gold, becoming a Chief Editor. Hence, since you’ve come to regret your decision, you’ve decided to claim that this was all merely a misunderstanding, right?”

Upon uttering such words, a vicious glint flashed across Fabian’s eyes. He jerked Vivian’s face towards him as he warned her, “Vivian, let me tell you this. I am no longer the gullible man that I had used to be.”

Gazing at his familiar face, which was currently full of resentment and hatred, all Vivian could feel was complete shock and heartache.

She had wanted to explain herself. However, she found that she could not bear to utter a single word in her defense.

What else is there to explain?

If he were truly willing to believe me, why would he have left back then, without even informing me as much?”

Before all else, he has already come to believe that I am merely a gold-digger; someone who is ready to betray him for money, at any given point in time.

Also, even if he were to believe my explanation, so what?

I am someone else’s wife now. Furthermore, I am no longer my past self. We’ll never be able to return to the past…

At such a thought, Vivian tried her utmost best to suppress the tears that had threatened to escape her. In doing so, she took a deep breath as she abruptly raised her head.

“Fabian,” she uttered softly, her tone surprisingly calm. “You are right. What happened that year is exactly as you’ve thought it to be. However, you’ve got something wrong. Currently, I don’t want to be in a relationship with you. Having a position as the Chief Editor, or even a CEO, this has nothing to do with me.”

Upon uttering her last sentence, Vivian soon felt a sharp sensation across her chin. Evidently, Fabian was pinching her forcefully, his grip strengthening.

However, to her utter surprise, he decided to fling her away in the next instance.

Staggering backward, Vivian was quick to steady herself against the wall with an arm. Raising her head to glance at him, she caught sight of Fabian glaring at her coldly. The disdain and hatred in his eyes were like daggers, piercing through her heart.

I should allow it to hurt. It’ll certainly be a better alternative than getting myself entangled with him.

Hence, she justifiably suppressed her tears as she quickly announced, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave now.”

With that, she made a brief departure from the office, without even daring to steal another glimpse at Fabian.

Bolting out of the magazine company, Vivian soon reached its ground level. However, she soon came to realize that it was pouring heavily outside. To her utter misfortune, she discovered that she had left her umbrella in the office.

Even while faced with such a circumstance, Vivian found that she was simply not courageous enough to go back, to retrieve her umbrella. As she was aware that Fabian might have still been in his office, she did not dare to return.

I am such a coward.

Watching as the rain poured from the sky, Vivian sought to hail a cab. Unfortunately, with the combination of the peak period, along with the thunderstorm, Vivian found that it was nearly impossible to find a cab. The cab-hailing application was malfunctioning as well. Ultimately, she had no choice but to harden her resolve, as she covered her head with her bag and sprinted towards the train station.

Completely drenched, she had to squeeze herself in, with the other commuters on the train. She was hoping that the rain would have stopped by then, but it seemed as though God was trying to torment her too. The thunderstorm outside blared on, showing no signs of stopping.

Still unsuccessful in her futile attempt to hail a cab, Vivian had no choice but to wait by the train station.

She soon recalled a past memory, from two years ago, on a night that had a similar thunderstorm. It was a night where she had lost the thing that was the most precious to her…

Soon after, she lost Fabian, the man whom she thought would accompany her for a lifetime.

The sense of despair that she had felt two years ago was like a parasite, invading her initially numb heart.

Vivian could not help but wrap her arms around her body, squatting down as she curled herself into a ball.


It’s so cold…

She was so cold that her body had begun to shiver uncontrollably, just as it had throughout the night, two years ago…

On the verge of being engulfed by such memories and painful emotions, Vivian soon caught a glimpse of a wheelchair and a pair of long legs, suddenly appearing before her very two eyes.

Stunned, Vivian’s head snapped up. She saw Finnick in front of her, while Noah held an umbrella up beside him.

Due to the pouring rain, his handsome face became a blurred image. Nonetheless, his cold aura was still evidently noticeable. Although he was wheelchair-bound, his current appearance was like an angel’s descent to Earth. The sadness that Vivian had felt suddenly dissipated.

Vivian’s eyelashes fluttered.


“Why are you here?” Finnick lowered his head and stared at Vivian, who was squatting down on the ground. For a reason unbeknownst, a hint of fury soon crept into his voice. “Were you drenched by the rain?”

It was at that moment when Vivian finally returned to her senses.

Flustered, she attempted to stand up. However, her vision suddenly went black, as she soon lost consciousness.

In a panic, Finnick quickly grabbed hold of Vivian, as he tried to steady her.

When he felt that the woman in his arms was abnormally warm, his gaze turned solemn. As his stare landed on the bruise that Fabian had left on Vivian’s chin, a murderous glint flashed across his eyes.

“Let’s return home.” The brief change in his expression was fleeting. Finnick soon resumed his usual indifferent expression. Hugging Vivian, he wheeled his wheelchair towards the black Bentley that was parked at the side.

Finnick’s car was parked at a hidden corner beside the train station. Due to the combined weight of both himself and Vivian, Finnick discovered that the wheelchair could not move as smoothly as it had before.

“Mr. Norton.” Noah could not help but offer, “Allow me to provide you some assistance.”

“There’s no need for that.” Without a moment of hesitation, Finnick instantly refused his offer. He then adjusted Vivian’s position in his arms, carrying her, as he directly rose from the wheelchair…

The room was pitch-black.


So hot…

It’s so hot that I feel as though I am burning…

Moaning in utter discomfort, Vivian suddenly found that she was being placed down, as something cold was soon pressed against her skin.

Vivian greedily tried to hug the cold object. However, she suddenly heard a man’s heavy panting.

Something is amiss!

Only then did Vivian’s muddled mind become clearer. As she tried her best to open her eyes, the blurry image of a man entered her vision.

She struggled hard, to push the man who was looming above her. Unfortunately, he would not budge at all, as if he was a massive mountain.


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