Never Late, Never Away Chapter 110

Fabian was so emotional that he had forgotten Vivian was injured. The way he shook her shoulders gave her excruciating pain, and her face turned even paler.

Upon seeing her ashen face, Fabian finally calmed down a little. He immediately released her from his grip. “I’m sorry. I forgot you’re injured.”

Vivian, too, regained her composure. She took a sidelong glance at the crowd and whispered, “Let’s talk in the office.”

Fabian realized he had gone overboard. He nodded and walked into the office with Vivian following right behind.

The minute the two of them entered Fabian’s office, the crowd started discussing the unexpected turn of events.

“Oh my, what was that? So the rumors are real? They used to be a couple?”

“Yes, they were. I heard they broke up when he learned that Vivian sold herself, but it seems he’s now realized it was all a misunderstanding?”

“So Vivian is innocent? I knew it! We all have known her for two years now, and she’s a great girl! She can’t be involved in that kind of filthy business!”

Upon seeing everyone started taking Vivian’s side, Shannon could not help but grit her teeth and stand up.

“Shannon, where are you going?”

“I’m not feeling well. I’m taking a day off!”

In Fabian’s office, Vivian sat on the couch, and her face still looked as pallid as ever. She looked at Fabian pacing back and forth in front of her and did not know what to say.

In the end, Vivian let out a sigh and said, “Calm down, Fabian.”

She knew Fabian would act like this when he was emotionally unstable.

He stopped walking and stared at her while his expression remained unchanged. “Why didn’t you tell me the truth?”

Vivian’s eyes glistened. “So you now know?”

“Yes! I know everything now!” He stood in front of her and let out a low grunt, “Why didn’t you explain yourself? Despite all the things I’ve done and said, you just… how could you stay silent?”

“Did I not explain myself?” Vivian finally spoke in a louder voice. She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. “Even if I explained myself clearly, would you have believed me?”

Fabian trembled. He wanted to answer “yes”, but the moment he thought of how cruel he had treated her over the years, he could not bring himself to spew out the answer.

Vivian looked at him and put on a wry smile. “I don’t know who fed with you that false information, but I knew you left me at the most vulnerable point in my life, when I needed you the most. You said you would believe me, but did you come looking for me to listen to my explanation? No. You left without a goodbye because you believed what people said. After all these years, you expect me to come up to you and say I don’t hate you?”

Vivian maintained eye contact with Fabian when she made her point. Her eyes were so crystal clear that Fabian did not know how to face her.

He looked away from her and defended himself. “Someone showed me some photos. I thought since the evidence was clear, there was no way you could deny it.”


Vivian finally understood it was all because of those scandalous photos he saw two years ago.

She smiled wryly. “I see. Just a couple of photos were enough for you to lose faith in me.” She continued with a gentle voice, “Perhaps you never had faith in me, after all. If you did, you would have told me you’re from the Norton family.”

“They’re two different things, for goodness sake!” Fabian panicked once again. “I hid my identity because…”

“Don’t you understand?” Vivian interrupted him before he could explain himself. “You never really trusted me. Not two years ago, and not now. You only believe in yourself.”

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