Never Late, Never Away Chapter 111

A corner of Vivian’s mouth quirked up. “Why are we even talking about this? It’s all history now. There’s no point for us to have this discussion anymore.”

She stood up and was ready to leave as she did not want to talk to Fabian anymore.

Yet, Fabian was not ready to let her go. He went up and grabbed her by the wrist.

“You and I still have a lot to talk about.” Fabian stared at her, and this time he did not look away. “You protected me from the attack. This shows you still have feelings for me!”

Vivian’s body could not help but shudder ever so slightly, but she quickly managed to calm herself down.

She looked at Fabian, who was standing beside her. She saw from his beautiful eyes remorse and saudade. The feelings were so intense that Vivian dared not look at them directly.

“I think you’ve mistaken,” she said in a suppressed voice, “All I did was to pull the man away from you, that’s all.”

“What’s the difference? You still care about me, don’t you?” Fabian growled.

“I saved you because I…” Vivian’s eyelashes fluttered, but she tried to explain it in a steady voice, “Because I want to repay your kindness.”

Fabian froze momentarily. “What do you mean?”

“You’re the one who helped me secure the scholarship and job opportunities, right?” Vivian said softly. Upon seeing Fabian’s sudden change of expression, she knew her guess was right. “This is why I’m still grateful to you, though you didn’t trust me and even lied to me. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to complete my university studies.”

Had she not graduated from university, it would be impossible for her to land a job in any magazine company. She would also not be able to afford her mother’s medical expenses.

Despite all that had happened, Vivian was sincerely grateful to Fabian.

“What do you mean?” It was Fabian’s face going pale this time. “You rescued me just because I’ve helped you in the past?”

It hurt Vivian to see the disappointment in Fabian’s eyes.

She did not rescue Fabian just because she wanted to repay his kindness.

At that critical moment, she did not even have the time to think; she simply stepped forth and rescued him. It was an instinctive act.

After all, Fabian was the man she had once loved, and she could not bear to see him in danger.

But he doesn’t need to know all this.

Instead of explaining herself, she answered in a nonchalant manner, “Yes.”

Fabian turned ashen-faced completely, but he was not willing to accept her explanation. He tightened his grip on Vivian. “You don’t have any feelings for me? I don’t believe you!”

Vivian could no longer contain her frustration as she was in so much pain, and she bellowed, “Who are you to question me?”

Fabian was taken aback and released her from his grip at once.

She’s right. Who am I to question her?

I shamed her and made her a laughing stock. Who am I to ask her for forgiveness, or force her to admit she still has feelings for me?

Vivian massaged her wrist and said aloofly, “Remember what I told you two years ago? I said I’ll never forgive you even if you find out the truth and apologize to me.”

Fabian trembled. He did recall what Vivian said to him when he humiliated her.

“I’m sorry. I…” He wanted to apologize to her, but Vivian interrupted him.

“Save your apologies. I’ll never forgive you.” She looked into Fabian’s eyes. “Whether you’re sorry that you’ve lied to me about your family, for not having faith in me, or even for insulting me, I won’t forgive you.”

Vivian meant every word she said.

She did not want Fabian to get hurt and she truly wanted to repay his kindness, but this did not mean she would let bygones be bygones and forget about how badly he had treated her.

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