Never Late, Never Away Chapter 112

No one had hurt Vivian’s feelings the way Fabian did. She refused to forgive him and did not want to be associated with him anymore.

She just wanted him to stay away from her.

Upon hearing those words, Fabian froze.

Meanwhile, Vivian walked out of the office without hesitation.

Over at Ringsby Mall, the largest shopping mall in the city, Shannon carried her purse and stormed past all the branded outlets in anger.

Damn you, Vivian! How can everyone believe you and sympathize with you? Are they blind? B*tch!

She was so mad that she wished she could splurge on some luxury handbags. Yet, with her salary, she could never afford them.

This made her angrier!

It’s not fair!

I have to save money for months to buy myself an expensive handbag, but Vivian can get what she wants by winking at those rich b*stards!

When Shannon’s resentment was still clouding her thoughts, all of a sudden she heard a few girls giggling right behind.

“You look great in that dress, Ashley. Fabian is so lucky to marry someone as pretty as you.”


Shannon was stunned for a bit. She gradually turned around and saw a young and gorgeous woman trying on an expensive dress. A group of ladies surrounded her and complimented her looks.

With her striking appearance, Shannon instantly recognized her as Fabian’s fiancée because she had visited him in his office before. Her name is Ashley?

Upon seeing all the luxurious accessories Ashley carried with her, Shannon got a little jealous. Instead of letting her envy get the better of her, Shannon had a better idea.

Since I can’t take Vivian down myself, perhaps Ashley can!

She mustered up her courage and approached her. “Hi there, are you Mr. Norton’s fiancée?”

Ashley, who was admiring her own look in the mirror, turned around and looked at her.

The moment she saw Shannon’s counterfeit handbag, she immediately lost interest in the person. Nonetheless, she still answered politely, “You mean Fabian Norton? Yes, I am his fiancée.”

“That’s why I thought you look familiar.” Shannon acted as if she was pleased to meet her. “I’m an employee from Glamour Magazine and I remember seeing you in the office.”

Though Ashley had no clue why Shannon came up to her, she still nodded out of politeness.

“I know this is a little awkward, but… there’s something I wish to tell you because I think you deserve to know the truth,” Shannon said sheepishly.

Ashley knitted her brows. “What is it?”

“It’s about Mr. Norton and Vivian William.”

Ashley’s expression immediately changed.

She gave Shannon a sullen stare and turned to her female friends. “Wait for me at the café. I’ll come and meet you after this.”

These ladies were Ashley’s entourage. They immediately nodded and walked away.

Once they had left, Ashley put on a deadpan expression and looked at Shannon. “What do you want to tell me?”

Vivian finally punched out after spending a long day in the office. At the subway station, she instinctively boarded the train to the Norton residence, but halfway through the journey, she remembered she was supposed to pick her mother up from the hospital. She immediately switched trains and went to the hospital.

Once they got home, Vivian clumsily tidied up the house and ordered some plain dishes for takeaway from a restaurant downstairs. It was already 9 p.m. by the time she settled everything, and it was at this point that she remembered she had forgotten to inform Finnick that she would be staying with her mom tonight.

She decided to text him anyway, even though Finnick might not even care to know where she was.

After that, Vivian helped her mother up to the dining table.

Vivian did not know her text message had affected Finnick, who was attending a meeting. Upon receiving her text, his mood instantly changed for the worse.

The financial department director, who was conducting a briefing on the company’s quarterly earnings, broke into a cold sweat after seeing a drastic change on Finnick’s face.

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