Never Late, Never Away Chapter 114

A line formed between Finnick’s brows but he decided not to pursue the matter. “Where are you going at this hour?”

“To buy dinner for my mom.”

“Dinner? At this hour?” Finnick frowned. “You won’t be able to find a restaurant at this time.”

“I guess I’ll just have to buy something from the supermarket then.” Since there’s nothing at home, I’ll buy some ingredients and cook something simple for her.

Finnick looked at Vivian and did not know what to say.

At times, she presented herself as a tough woman, but more often than not she’s just a girl who has no clue about anything in the world. She can’t even take care of herself; how can she look after her mom?

“Noah.” Finnick suddenly called. “Go to a nearby hotel and ask their kitchen to cook something.”

Vivian was taken aback and immediately stopped him. “It’s fine, I’ll cook myself.”

“It’s past 10 o’clock. You want your mom to wait for you to cook?” Finnick raised his brows. “Don’t forget she is still unwell.”

Vivian was at a loss for words after hearing what he said.

She knew it was late, but since she was all alone by herself, she could only do one thing at a time.

Instead of putting on a tough front, she decided to give in for the sake of her mother. She accepted his offer in a soft voice, “Thanks.”

Finnick’s expression finally lightened up a little. “Come on, let’s get back to your house.”

“You want to come to my place?” Once again, Vivian hesitated.

“Unless you don’t want me to?” Finnick looked at the woman who got nervous all of sudden. “You expect me to stand here and wait for Noah?”

Vivian’s face blushed right away and ushered him into the building.

After stepping out of the elevator, Vivian opened the door for Finnick to enter. He was surprised to see how disorganized the house was.

“So sorry for the mess. I just came back and didn’t have time to clean the house.” Vivian was thoroughly embarrassed that she started putting things away.

Yet, every time she tried picking something up with her hand, she would feel pain in her wound. “Ouch.”

Upon noticing Vivian’s grimace, Finnick frowned and stood up from his wheelchair. “Let me.”

How can I ask him to clean my house for me? Vivian stopped him by waving her hand in the air. “It’s fine. I might be a little slow, but I can do this myself.”

“Stop it.” Finnick grabbed her by the wrist and made her sit on the couch.

Don’t you dare act tough in front of me.

Vivian froze at his order. She sat still on the couch and watched him clean up the house.

It was clear that the man before her had never done house chores before.

Whether it was cleaning up the rubbish or doing the dishes, he was like a bull in a china shop. His expensive branded shirt was all wet.

“Hey…” Vivian could not bear to see how disheveled he had become. “Just let me do it, okay?”

“No.” Finnick mumbled while wiping the coffee table.

She could not help but press her lips after seeing how clumsy he was.

Though Finnick was not adept at doing house chores, Vivian still found him to be rather attractive. After all, he was a tall and good-looking man.

Initially, she was very touched by his thoughtfulness, but soon, she remembered something that made her feeling vanish into thin air.

She remembered why she left the Norton residence.

All because of his necklace. And also how messed up her heart was.

She instantly looked away and decided not to focus on Finnick anymore.

Enough with your nonsense, Vivian William. This prince charming will never be yours. Stop dreaming.

While Finnick was tidying up the house, a frail voice emerged from the room, “Someone’s here?”

Vivian was taken aback at first but soon realized it was Rachel who had woken up from her nap.

To prevent Rachel from seeing Finnick walking around the house, she immediately went to her room.

“Did I wake you up?” Vivian saw that Rachel was already sitting upright on her bed, and walked over. “I’ve asked someone to buy food for you. You can have your dinner soon.”

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