Never Late, Never Away Chapter 116

Despite having a headache, she took her clothes off and turned on the tap. Turning her body, she carefully showered.

However, she was never great with motor skills or balance, and her face ended up scrunching up in pain when she accidentally wet her wound. Lifting her arm higher, she slammed into the bathroom door instead and immense pain shot through her arm.

“Ouch!” she yelped, and within seconds she heard a flurry of footsteps outside.

Worried, Finnick called out to her, “Vivian, are you alright?”

“I’m fine…” Vivian tried to reply in a hurry, but she was in too much pain that her voice shook. She did not sound fine at all.

As a result, Finnick anxiously responded, “Give me a minute. I’ll come in.”

Vivian panicked and insisted, “I’m alright, and you don’t have to…”

Bang! Before she could complete her sentence, she heard the bathroom door open.

The lock on the bathroom door had long been out of order, so it could easily be opened when Finnick gave it a push.

Once he entered the bathroom, he saw Vivian raising one arm while frantically trying to pull up her bath towel to cover herself with her other arm. In her hurry, she even forgot to turn off the showerhead, and water was about to cascade on her wound.

This woman is so careless!

Looking at how she seemed to be tormenting herself, Finnick could not help but feel angry. Instantly, he went forward to embrace her before turning the showerhead off.

“You are so stupid, Vivian,” he chided. Then, he grabbed her arm and scanned her wound. As expected, it was inflamed, making him more frustrated. “With a showerhead like this at your house, how can you bathe alone?”

Vivian failed to pay attention to his scolding.

His thin shirt was the only thing between them, and all she could think about was how close they were. Besides, his shirt was now drenched because of her, and it clung to their bodies.

She could even feel his chest muscles and washboard abs against her…

Her brain felt like exploding.

Noticing that Vivian was quiet even after he spoke, Finnick frowned and looked at her.

With a glance, he finally noticed her standing stiffly in his arms while her face was as red as a tomato.

He was dumbfounded. He was so worried for her previously that he did not notice the position they were standing in.

Her fair skin was slightly red from the elevated temperature in the bathroom, and there were still water droplets dripping off her body. Although it was not the first time he had seen her naked, he felt more attracted to her each time he saw her like this.

Not only so, but since her body was so close to his, it was also a greater hurdle for him this time. Without looking down, he could already feel all her curves.

In that instant, he felt his body burning up.

Vivian, who was already flustered, blushed more when she felt the changes in Finnick’s body. Instinctively, she struggled. “Finnick, let go of me…”

Little did she know that her movements were nothing to Finnick. It was as though she was tickling him instead of refusing him, which tempted him even more.

Without thinking, he pushed Vivian against the wall.

The distance between them instantly disappeared, and they could even feel each other’s chests as they breathed.

“Finnick, what…do you want…” Unable to get out of his grasp, Vivian whimpered as she looked at him with a panic expression on her face.

Finnick did not know what got over him, but her whimpers almost took away all his willpower.

Abruptly, he bowed his head as his fingers slowly traced across her waist. Feeling goosebumps, she shuddered. “What do you think I’m doing?” he groaned.

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