Never Late, Never Away Chapter 117

His low voice sounded sexier than usual, causing Vivian’s body to heat up, too. She stuttered, “No… don’t…”

“Why not?” Finnick lowered himself to nibble on her earlobe and whispered, “You said okay the last time.”

His breath tickled Vivian’s ear and his teasing almost succeeded in persuading her. However, her last shred of rationality still told her not to do it.

No way.

Nothing can happen between us.

Previously in the Norton residence, she did give Finnick permission. Despite so, she felt differently about it now.

She agreed then since they were already married, she did not mind having a child with him even though it was a loveless marriage. After all, that was also her duty as his wife.

Now, she could no longer make a calm decision without being influenced by her emotions.

She realized now that she might have feelings for him——feelings she shouldn’t have. Vivian did not dare to give herself to him in light of this revelation, lest she fell in love with him and would not bear to leave him in the future.

With that thought, she desperately pushed him aside and reasoned, “My mom is at home, too, so it isn’t a good idea…”

Finnick lowered his gaze and hazily glanced into Vivian’s clear eyes. It was like a wake-up call to him.

Nothing was more disappointing than having one person lost in his lustful desires while the other remaining logical and rejecting his moves.

Thinking Vivian was still not ready as a result of what happened two years ago, Finnick stepped back to give her some space.

He never expected he would be so deprived to this point, having to endure and control his lust time and time again.

Especially when it came to this woman, whom he always found so attractive.

Forget it.

Since she is injured, I will let it go.

That did not mean that he was going to let her go physically. Instead, he wrapped his arm around her waist again. While she stared at him in surprise, he assured her, “Don’t worry, I am not going to force you. I only want to help you shower.”

With that kind of showerhead, how can she keep her wound dry alone?

Blushing, Vivian rejected, “It’s alright. I will wipe myself instead.”

Having said that, she turned to escape, but Finnick held onto her, refusing to let her leave.

“Why are you so shy? After all, I have already seen you naked,” he casually stated as he took down the showerhead. “There’s no need to worry about me because I still have some self-control.”

In the next moment, he started helping her to shower.

Knowing how stubborn he was, Vivian was sure there was no use rejecting him. She could only stand stiffly in place while he helped her wash up.

Much to her dismay, as Finnick’s hand grazed along her skin, that warm and slightly rough sensation sent countless electric currents through her body. She used everything in her power to hold herself back and not tremble.

Speaking of endurance, Finnick had it even tougher.

Although he had told her that he could control himself, he realized that self-restraint was almost impossible before Vivian.

He already gave her his word, however, so he could only grit his teeth and keep holding himself back.

After painfully helping her bathe, it was finally time to dry her.

Sensing his seriousness in performing the task at hand, Vivian fell into a daze.

She could not remember the last time someone gave her a bath like that.

I was probably very young when Mom used to shower me. As I grew older, she became busier with work and I started to take care of myself.

Who would have thought that after so many years of being independent, someone else would appear in my life when I’m injured, feeding me, cleaning me, and even bathing me?

She felt like she was being compensated for all the love she had long been deprived of.

More significantly, this person was someone with high social status who had never cared for others before.

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