Never Late, Never Away Chapter 119

Shannon told her that Fabian, in front of everyone at the magazine company, questioned Vivian why she did not clarify that she had been set up years ago.

Ashley knew that Shannon said all these in hopes that she would teach Vivian a lesson. However, Shannon did not expect Ashley to turn white as a sheet.

Fabian knew that Vivian was being set up in the incident two years ago?

Does it mean that he’s trying to rekindle his love for her? Did he find out what I did?

In a moment of panic, Ashley could not be bothered with Shannon but immediately ran to Fabian’s house while calling him multiple times.

Not daring to raise the matter with Fabian, she tested the waters instead.

Surprised by her sudden question, Fabian paused momentarily before he responded, “Ashley, what on earth is going on?”

His avoidance to answer the question made her tremble more. In an attempt to hide it from him, she released him and forced a smile. “I’m fine… I was a little afraid since our wedding date is drawing close.”

That sentence reminded Fabian that they were getting married next month.

All of a sudden, he felt a sense of resistance.

His silence only made Ashley more frantic. She glanced at him and probed, “Fabian, you…you’re not thinking about calling off our wedding, are you?”

Snapping out of his daze, Fabian smiled and assured her, “Ashley, you are overthinking. I will not do that. Look, your arms and legs are so cold. Why don’t you take a shower first?”

He pushed her into the bathroom as he spoke.

Absentmindedly, Ashley went into the bathroom and plopped onto the toilet seat.

I’m doomed.

Fabian is starting to doubt me after finding out what happened to Vivian.

What other tricks could I still use against Vivian?

In the midst of her thoughts, her phone rang.

Looking down at the phone screen, she was surprised.

“Hello?” she answered the call immediately, “You don’t have to find that man I’ve asked you about. I’m already…”

Before she could complete her sentence, the words from the person on the other end of the call caused her expression to darken.

“What are you saying? How is it possible that the old man did not do it?” she screeched.

While Ashley was in the bathroom taking her bath, Fabian stood on the balcony and smoked until he unknowingly filled up the ashtray.

This is the first time in my life that I feel so much regret and sadness.

I regret not saying goodbye two years ago and then getting engaged to Ashley. But most of all, I regret insulting Vivian time and time again.

I am the one who pushed away the woman I love. Who am I to blame?

Now, Vivian has Finnick…

At that thought, he raised his cigarette and took a large puff.

Subconsciously, he thought about the time he gave Vivian’s photos to Finnick. Without thinking, Finnick chose to trust Vivian.

Perhaps he already did his own research and had already made his decision. Regardless, at least he has never hurt Vivian.

In contrast, I am so different from him. This frustrated Fabian even more.

Thinking about the photographs, he recalled that he has kept several pictures of Vivian on his phone.

Seeing those photos now would only make his heart ache, so he instantly pulled out his phone to delete them.

However, after deleting a few, he realized something.

Wait a minute.

These pictures…why do they seem different from the ones shown at the Norton family party?

Although he did not purposely try to remember everything about Vivian, everything about her was somehow vividly imprinted on his mind.

He could even recall the photos from the party.

Most of the photos were the same as those on his phone, but one of them was different——in which Vivian was lying on a pillow with her hair spread across it.

Fabian suddenly felt breathless.


Ashley said that the photos were from my phone. Yet, why did she have one more photo on the screen that’s not found on my phone?

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