Never Late, Never Away Chapter 12

Momentarily, a sharp pang of pain struck her, causing her to shriek out in pain.

Just then, the man forced himself upon her aggressively, time and time again.

Pain, hatred, and humiliation threatened to tear Vivian apart. She had wanted to resist him, but she was far too weak to defend herself from his advances. Hence, her only choice was to endure it all…

After going through what had seemed like a limitless expanse of darkness and pain, Vivian’s surroundings suddenly shifted.

Now, she was surrounded by a thunderstorm, as a distant thunder boomed.

Her body completely bruised, Vivian dragged herself along the streets. She wrapped her tattered clothes tightly around herself as she staggered around in the rain. Holding her phone, she frantically dialed a number, over and over again.


Fabes, where are you?

I’m so scared. Come and save me quickly…

Unfortunately, no matter how many times she had called him, all she could hear was a cold, mechanical voice, “Sorry, the number that you have dialed is busy. Please try again later.”

At long last, unable to endure her suffering any longer, Vivian collapsed in the rain…

Looking at Vivian, who was currently breaking out in a cold sweat, Finnick could not help but frown. He turned his gaze to the doctor, who was by his side, and asked, “Is she truly alright?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Norton. She has merely caught a fever because of the cold. As of now, she’s probably having a nightmare.”

Upon hearing his reassuring words, Finnick soon appeared relieved.

As soon as the doctor made his leave, Finnick turned his gaze towards Vivian, who was extremely pale. About to touch her forehead, Finnick was surprised, when he saw that her body had started to quiver,

“Vivian?” Finnick could not help but furrow his brows again. “Are you alright?”

Evidently, Vivian was still in an unconscious daze. Her cracked lips parted slightly, as a string of words escaped her lips.

A slight frown soon made its way to Finnick’s face. Bending down to some extent, he soon heard the words that Vivian was mumbling.

“Fabes… Save me… Where are you? Fabes… Please believe me…”


Finnick sat up straight, as a dangerous glint flashed in his eyes.

It’s that man’s name again.

He stared at Vivian who was on the bed. Although her face was ashen and sickly, it did nothing to conceal her beauty. This was especially apparent, as he gazed at her fluttering eyes. Finnick had never seen her display such vulnerability before.

He mulled over it for a while.

Now that he had thought about it, this woman had always acted in a rather careful manner. She was distant, right from the beginning, when he had first met her. She had never once depended on him. In fact, she probably never intended to do so.

Yet, she seemed as if she was filled with fondness and trust, for the man called Fabes.

He had given Noah instructions to investigate Vivian’s past. As Noah was a man of great efficiency, he soon summarized the play of events of everything that had happened to Vivian.

For instance, Finnick knew that she had a memorable first love. However, even as such, she had still broken up with her first love, two years ago. Although he had never checked her first love’s name and background, it appeared as though the person was named Fabes.

Finnick began to feel extremely gloomy, upon that thought, for reasons unbeknownst to him.

At that moment, Vivian abruptly opened her eyes.

Suppressing his emotions, Finnick lowered his head and stared at her. “Are you okay?”

Vivian blinked. Only then did she realize that she was lying in a room in the villa, with an IV drip attached to her hand.

“Were you the one who had fetched me back home?” asked Vivian, her throat feeling parched.

“Yeah,” Finnick replied nonchalantly as he handed a cup of warm water over to her.

“Thank you.” Vivian accepted it as she soon began to sip on the water.

When Finnick took note of the usual distant and polite expression that had returned to Vivian’s face, he inexplicably felt a sense of frustration.

“Vivian.” Finnick abruptly asked, “Who is Fabes?”


Vivian had never expected Finnick to suddenly ask her such a question. Hence, she began choking on her water as she coughed violently.

“Be careful.” In comparison to how flustered Vivian was, Finnick remained calm, as he patted her back.

Panicking, Vivian looked up and saw Finnick gazing at her. She could sense that his gaze had landed on her bruised chin.

It’s rather glaring.

Finnick quickly took out an ointment from the medical kit on the bedside table. He squeezed some out onto his hand and applied it to Vivian’s bruised chin.

Vivian felt a cool sensation on her chin. However, she soon glanced at Finnick warily as she asked hesitatingly, “How do you know Fabes?”

“You had yelled his name while you were dreaming.”

Vivian was stunned. Only then did she remember that she had dreamt about the incident that had happened two years ago, all while in her sleep.

A despondent look crept into her eyes. Before Vivian could think of an answer, Finnick slowly interrupted her.

“Vivian, I don’t care about your past. Nevertheless, I do hope that you’ll understand that you are my wife now. I don’t like my woman yelling another man’s name.”

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