Never Late, Never Away Chapter 120


Fabian’s heart tightened with that thought, but before he could piece together the puzzle in his mind he suddenly heard a soft voice coming from behind him.


He was startled and turned to see Ashley looking at him timidly with her hair still wet.

She had a beautiful face that resembled Vivian’s, though she looked a little more seductive. For some reason, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine looking at her.

“Well… Ashley.” He subconsciously took a few steps back and said, “The magazine company just called. A situation popped up and I have to take care of it. You can go back to get some rest first.”

He rushed out of his apartment without even waiting for Ashley to reply.

“Fabian…” Ashley was dumbfounded. She wanted to chase after him but he was already out of the door.

Helplessly, she stood rooted to the ground.

It is already past midnight. Is he going to find Vivian?

At that thought, and recalling the news she had just heard on the phone, her face turned pale.

Not long ago, Ashley ordered an investigation to find the old man from two years ago. Yet, he confessed that he did not touch her, but that a mysterious man did.

What was even more shocking was that no one managed to find out who that man was. In other words, the mysterious man was much more powerful than she.

Who’s the man who took away Vivian’s virginity two years ago?

The next morning, when Vivian opened her eyes, she saw Finnick’s handsome face right in front of her.

Dazed, she stared at him for a while before realizing that they were this close because they were sleeping in the small bed in her house.

Alarmed, she quickly wanted to get out of bed, but Finnick’s arm weighed heavily over her. As though he felt her struggle, Finnick muttered without opening his eyes, “It’s only seven in the morning. Stop moving and go back to sleep.”

Vivian did not expect Finnick to be awake. She lay stiffly and motionlessly in bed. No matter how hard she tried, she could not fall back asleep.

Time passed slowly, and soon she broke out in a cold sweat from her nervousness. Finally, her alarm rang, and Finnick’s eyes opened. His gaze immediately fell on Vivian.

“Good morning, Vivian.” Finnick greeted her with his baritone voice which came with a bit of hoarseness, given it was the first thing he said after he woke up. Vivian’s heart skipped a beat.

She could not hide her blush as she stammered, “M-Morning.”

She then got up to prepare a clean towel and toothbrush for Finnick before helping her mom wash up. When she was done, Noah showed up with breakfast that Molly had prepared. Molly even made another portion just for Rachel.

As they ate, Vivian looked at the spread and whispered, “Actually, we don’t have to bother Molly like that.”

“We are not bothering her; we are just using a little more of her time.” Taking a scoop of soup, he commented, “With that being said, if you want to continue to stay here, I’m afraid Molly will have to do this every day.”

Surprised, Vivian asked, “Do you mean you are staying for another night?”

“I will, if you are,” Finnick replied casually, “I will get Molly to bring my pajamas over. After all, your clothes are too small for me.”

Vivian was speechless.

She finally realized how stubborn and demanding Finnick could be. Although he never raised his voice nor forced her to do anything, he always had a way to make her compromise.

I can never win against him.

“I get it.” She lowered her gaze and sighed. “I’ll go back tonight.”

The corners of Finnick’s lips lifted. “You can bring your mother over, too.”

“Forget it. My mom will feel uncomfortable,” Vivian rejected his offer.

“Well, I can get you a caretaker and maid,” Finnick insisted.

Knowing that she could not win the argument, Vivian could only nod in agreement.

After the meal, Finnick drove Vivian to work. Only then did she recall she had a meeting to attend that morning. Thus, once she arrived at her office building she headed directly to the meeting room.

She was surprised to find Fabian in the meeting room; he seemed to be preparing for the meeting alone.

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