Never Late, Never Away Chapter 122

Fabian’s face turned pale as he looked at her face that was purple with rage. He never expected Vivian, who was an apathetic person, to take up the cudgel on Finnick’s behalf by making such caustic remarks.

Is she mad because I insulted Finnick? Seems like it’s not just a paper marriage between them, and she genuinely regards Finnick as her husband.

Fabian felt suffocated at the mere thought of it. The next moment, he gripped her arms with greater force and bellowed, “Vivian William! Don’t tell me that you have fallen in love with Finnick? Are you an idiot? You don’t know that man at all!”

Vivian couldn’t even say a word. Her face was twisted with pain, but Fabian took no notice of it as he continued to spat out, “Finnick is nothing but a heartless man. Do you know that he left his girlfriend to die ten years ago in order to save his own life? I couldn’t believe that you would have eyes for such a selfish prick!”

Vivian, who was struggling to break free from his grasp, was thunderstruck upon hearing his words. Her face was pale as she blurted out, “You’re lying! Don’t you try to throw mud at Finnick!”

Seeing her defending Finnick further roused his anger. Overwhelmed with fury, Fabian totally forgot that the incident from ten years ago was a taboo topic. “If you don’t believe in me, you can always look into the kidnap incident ten years ago. You will find out how Finnick managed to escape from the hands of the kidnappers and how Evelyn Morrison, his girlfriend, died because of him.”

The last bit of color left Vivian’s face. She was at a loss for words as this revelation was too much for her to handle. Evelyn… Is she the owner of the crystal necklace? She’s dead?! And she died in the kidnap incident ten years ago?

Fabian loosened his grip on her arm. A hint of remorse flashed across his face the moment he regained composure.

The Norton family had imposed an information blackout on the news relating to the kidnap incident. It was a tacit understanding between the Nortons to never bring it up again. But now, he spilled the beans because of his jealousy.

Vivian doesn’t know Finnick at all… I am only telling her these so that she knows Finnick’s true colors!

Fabian justified himself that he was telling Vivian about the incident for her sake. With a calm expression, he uttered, “Vivian, even though we are no longer a couple and we might never be one again, I don’t want you to be deceived by Finnick.”

Vivian could no longer hear anything he said because her mind was jumbled up.

Just then, the workers swarmed into the meeting room. Upon seeing Vivian and Fabian alone in the meeting room, they exchanged meaningful glances with each other before settling down in their seats.

Vivian, too, took her seat. She was absent-minded during the meeting as she was bothered by what Fabian said just now.

It turned out that for the past few days, she was troubling her head over a woman who had passed away years ago.

Is it true that Evelyn, that beautiful girl, died because of Finnick? Vivian dared not think further.

She was back in her office when the meeting finally ended. During the lunch break, she hesitated but eventually made her steps toward Jenny’s cubicle.

“Jenny, can I ask you something?” asked Vivian.

Jenny was an experienced investigative journalist who had worked for more than ten years in the press. It was a demanding job for her, so she decided to jump ship to Glamour Magazine and became an editor for the interview column. The two got along rather well with each other. “What is it?” asked Jenny cordially.

Vivian bit her lips and said, “I want to ask you about the kidnap incident that happened to the Norton family ten years ago.”

Jenny was slightly bewildered as she never expected Vivian to ask about that incident. Inexplicably, she was visibly panicked. “Vivian, why are you asking this?”

A decade had passed since the incident. Vivian knew Jenny was the only one she could turn to because apart from the Nortons, only the journalists and the policemen in charge of the case could help clear her doubts.

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