Never Late, Never Away Chapter 123

Therefore, she decided to try her luck by asking Jenny, the long-serving journalist. “I…” Vivian steeled herself and replied, “I am just asking out of curiosity.”

“If you’re asking just to satisfy your curiosity, I advise that you better not pursue this matter any further.” Jenny put on a stern face as she continued, “It is not our place to inquire into the Norton family’s affair.” With that, she resumed her work at hand.

Jenny’s unduly reticent attitude only further aroused Vivian’s curiosity. I believe Jenny must know something…

“Jenny.” She pulled a chair to sit next to her. “I couldn’t tell you the reason, but I really need to know about the incident.”

At that moment, Vivian and Jenny were the only ones left in the office as the other workers had gone for lunch.

Jenny lifted her head and cast a meaningful glance at Vivian before she spoke, “Vivian, I can tell you about it, but you need to be frank with me. Are you asking this because of your husband?”

Vivian was taken aback by her words. “Jenny, you actually know about…”

“Yes, I knew about it quite some time ago.” Jenny let out a sigh. “Your husband is Finnick Norton, am I right? He is the second son of the Norton family, and the victim of the kidnap incident.”

Vivian’s eyes widened. She had always tried to stay low-key, but Jenny still managed to discover her husband’s identity and his relationship with the Norton family.

Although Vivian remained silent, her reaction made Jenny certain of her conjecture. “Are you surprised that I actually know about your husband’s background?” Jenny gave a resigned shrug and then explained, “Actually, I already knew that Finnick comes from the Norton family when I first interviewed him. I became suspicious that he was your husband when I saw your wedding ring, so that’s why I tested you just now.”

Being deeply impressed by Jenny’s intuition and attention to detail, Vivian couldn’t help but look at her with admiration. It would take at least ten years of working experience in the press to acquire those qualities.

Since Jenny already had it all figured out, there was no need for Vivian to hide from her. After all, there was nothing for her to hide in the first place. It was just that she disliked being the center of gossips, that was why she never mentioned her marriage with Finnick.

“Yes, Jenny, you’ve guessed it right.” She lowered her voice and asked, “So now, can you tell me what happened ten years ago?”

Vivian thought Jenny would turn her down again, but to her surprise, she seemed to have gotten through to the other woman when Jenny looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Vivian, I always know that you’re a nice lady. Even though rumors are circulating in the magazine company saying that you are a gold-digger, I will only believe in my own judgment.”

Vivian’s eyes reddened. “Thank you, Jenny.” Since two years ago, she had been facing all sorts of misunderstandings and derision from her colleagues. Soon, she no longer bothered to dispel those rumors because no one would believe in her. She was touched when Jenny said she trusted her.

“I was shocked when I first heard that you were going to marry Finnick.” Jenny gave her a sympathetic look. “I admit that he is an excellent man, but from what he did two years ago, I don’t think he is husband material.”

Vivian’s expression changed. “Jenny, what do you know?”

Jenny let out a sigh. “You sure are lucky because you’ve asked the right person. I was still working in the press when that incident happened, and I was responsible for reporting the case. At that time, I had dug deep into the case, but I was threatened by the Norton family to not leak any information about it. I knew how powerful the Norton family is, that’s why I stayed tight-lipped all these years.”

Vivian finally understood why Jenny knew that Finnick came from the Norton family. If Jenny had investigated the kidnap case, she would definitely know about Finnick’s name and how he looked.

However, Vivian felt unsettled by Jenny’s tone. “So what happened at that time?”

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