Never Late, Never Away Chapter 124

Jenny started spilling the story. “At that time, Finnick was still a freshman in university. Initially, the Norton family planned to let him study abroad, but he decided to stay in the country because of his girlfriend. If I’m not mistaken, her name was Eve…”

“Evelyn Morrison.” Vivian interjected.

Jenny was slightly bewildered. “You know about that girl? That’s right! Her name was Evelyn Morrison. They made a sweet couple, and I guess they were each other’s first love. Anyway, Finnick decided to stay for her.”

Vivian suddenly recalled the photos in Finnick’s drawer that pictured the two smiling broadly in their youth. They must have loved each other very much… Just like Fabian and I in the past…

“In their first year at university, Finnick and Evelyn got rid of the bodyguards to have fun in a small town. That was the place where they were kidnapped.”

“They?” Vivian interrupted Jenny, “You mean Finnick was not the only one being kidnapped, but Evelyn as well?”

With a solemn expression, Jenny nodded, “That’s right. The Norton family has suppressed the news, so everyone thought Norton was the only victim. No one knows about this poor lady being the other victim.”

“What happened next?”

“The kidnappers demanded a huge ransom. The elder Mr. Norton paid the ransom to save his grandson. However, maybe Finnick and Evelyn saw their faces, the kidnappers decided to kill them. They locked the two in a warehouse and set fire to it.”

Vivian tensed up. “So Evelyn was burned alive? Finnick was the only one who managed to escape?”

“It seemed to be so.” For some reason, Jenny’s face looked grim. “But according to the crime report kept at the police department, I found out both Finnick and Evelyn were tied up by the kidnappers. Finnick managed to free himself and escaped the burning warehouse with his legs injured. However, when Evelyn’s body was found, she was being left in the warehouse, with her limbs all tied up.”

Vivian’s face became ashen. “You mean…”

“Yes,” Jenny deepened her voice, “Frankly speaking, Finnick left her behind in the burning warehouse to save himself.”

“No…” Vivian blurted out, “Finnick is not a selfish person… He will never do something like that…” Although they had not been together for long and that he seems to be unapproachable, she could tell that Finnick was a warm-hearted person. He was not someone who would leave his girlfriend for dead.

As if she already expected Vivian to defend Finnick, Jenny looked at her and sighed. “Vivian, those who are born with a golden spoon are more fearful of death than us common folks. It was normal for him to leave his girlfriend behind since he was injured, not to mention that he was still young when the incident happened.”

Biting her lips, Vivian remained silent.

“This is all I know because the Norton family prohibited the media from following up on the case. I never intend to tell you all these, but I guess it doesn’t matter since you are already married to Finnick. I might be a little extreme, but I honestly think that a man who doesn’t even try to save his girlfriend from death is unworthy of your trust.” Jenny held Vivian’s hand in hers as she continued, “You are a nice lady, and I don’t want you to get hurt. Don’t have high hopes for Finnick, or else you might be disappointed. You can only count on yourself.”

Vivian understood that Jenny’s advice was straight from the heart, but she was still reluctant to think poorly of Finnick. She forced a smile and said, “Jenny, thank you for telling me all these, but I don’t believe Finnick would do something like that.”

Jenny was worried as she looked at the stubborn Vivian. “Are you blinded by Finnick already? Vivian, listen to me. Those wealthy men are all stand-offish prigs, and you can never count on them nor believe in them.”

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