Never Late, Never Away Chapter 125

Vivian smiled and stopped talking.

The initial shock had worn off as she gradually digested what Jenny and Fabian had just told her.

She finally knew the identity of the woman she envied, which was none other than Finnick’s first love.

Not only that, but the woman was also already dead. No matter what the truth was, she had sacrificed her life for Finnick. It was an indisputable fact.

At last, Vivian understood the reason Finnick had such a sorrowful expression every time he looked at that crystal necklace.

He had once loved that woman deeply. She was burned to death because of him and perished at the age when she was at her prettiest and when he loved her most. Under such circumstances, how many people would be able to truly let go of the past?

The emotions which Finnick was experiencing inside his heart was unimaginable to Vivian.

Suffering severe injuries to his leg from the kidnapping incident was nothing compared to losing the love of his life, which was what really scarred him.

As for what Fabian and the rest said about Finnick abandoning Evelyn for his own survival— Vivian did not believe a single word of it.

Even if that was indeed what happened, Vivian trusted that Finnick must have had his reasons for doing so.

Perhaps that sounded a lot like trusting someone blindly, but the woman would always choose to believe Finnick.

Finnick had done the same for her with regards to the incident that happened to her two years back.

Trust and understanding were two important building blocks for every marriage.

Besides, Finnick had already suffered too much from that accident ten years ago. How could Vivian bear to add on to his pain by accusing him of being heartless?

When Vivian and Jenny ended their conversation, most of their co-workers from the magazine company had already returned from lunch.

The two women did not dare to continue talking about it any further and went back to their own work stations, continuing with their tasks.

After a long day, Vivian finally managed to complete all her work and was ready to knock off.

She had received Molly’s text in the afternoon, telling her that a caretaker had already been hired for her mom.

However, Vivian decided to make a trip back personally as she was still a little worried. Only after she made sure that the caretaker was indeed professional and responsible did she feel assured enough to return to Finnick’s villa.

Meanwhile, at Finnor Group, Finnick was studying the newest endowment model in his office.

Just then, a knocking was heard at the door before Noah walked in.

“Mr. Norton,” Noah addressed his boss, while acting somewhat strange. “You have tasked us to find out about the man who violated Mrs. Norton two years ago and we’ve made some progress. We checked every surveillance camera in the hotel and all the hotel records but did not discover anything out of the ordinary. The only noteworthy finding is an item which was left behind in the hotel room.”

Finnick stopped typing on his keyboard and replied in a cold tone, “How did your work efficiency deteriorate to such a level? You guys have been investigating for so long, yet you can’t even find out who was the man who did it? Moreover, if you have found a suspicious item in the hotel room, why didn’t you look further into it? Do you need me to do it myself?”

Noah was already breaking out in cold sweat but bit the bullet and answered, “Mr. Norton, I will definitely look into the item, but before that, I feel that it would be better for you to take a look at it first… “

Only then did Finnick turn his attention away from his computer screen.

Noah quickly placed the item on the table and explained, “Century Hotel is a five-star hotel, so everything left behind by guests, even if it’s just a coin, would be properly kept by the hotel. They would then try to contact the guests to retrieve their items. However, they have not been able to get in touch with the owner of this item, as such, this item has been kept in the hotel’s storeroom for the past two years.”

Lying on Finnick’s desk right then was a handkerchief.

It was green in color and made from premium silk. It was a men’s handkerchief which was thoughtfully designed. One look at it and anyone would be able to tell its exquisite workmanship. There were no prints on it, except for a cursive letter “J” sewn at the corner of the handkerchief.

Finnick’s expression changed straight away when he saw the handkerchief. He then picked it up and scrutinized it, before suddenly looking up at Noah. With an ice cold gaze, he asked, “Are you sure that this handkerchief was found in the hotel room?”

Noah had taken out his own handkerchief to wipe off the beads of cold sweat which had formed on his forehead. “Yes, Mr. Norton. That’s why I brought it here for you to take a look,” the assistant replied.

Finnick gripped tightly onto the handkerchief, so much so that the delicate piece of cloth was already crumpled.

“Get Xavier here!” The man ordered through gritted teeth.

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