Never Late, Never Away Chapter 126

“Errr… When we found the handkerchief, I’ve already tried contacting Mr. Jackson, but he’s currently attending a design conference overseas and his phone has been switched off. As such, we haven’t been able to reach him.”

“Then think of a way to contact him!” Finnick roared. “Ask him to come here immediately after you manage to reach him!”

“Understood, Mr. Norton,” Noah answered, his face as pale as sheet.

Finnick was no longer able to focus on the endowment model displayed on his computer screen. Instead, he proceeded to wheel himself out of the room swiftly.

Noah followed behind hurriedly as he heard his boss ask, “Has Vivian gotten back home?”

“Molly had just called to inform that Mrs. Norton is already at home.”

Only then did Finnick’s tensed expression soften. Just then, he suddenly noticed that he was still holding onto that handkerchief and threw it towards Noah with a look of disgust. “Throw this thing away. Also, acquire the factory which manufactured this handkerchief and shut it down. I don’t ever want to see a similar handkerchief appearing anywhere in this world again.”

Noah felt like he was being placed in a tough spot as he asked, “But how about Mr. Jackson… “

“Just do as I say!” Finnick yelled before Noah was able to complete his sentence.

Vivian was already asleep when Finnick reached home.

She did not sleep well last night while sharing a bed with Finnick. As such, she had been feeling exhausted the whole day and went to bed immediately after finishing dinner and washing up.

The moment Finnick entered the room, he saw Vivian curled up on the bed. She was hugging the blanket tightly and wearing the silk camisole nightgown which Molly had bought for her. Her delicate shoulders and bony back were all exposed.

Finnick couldn’t help but frown at the sight.

Vivian had a sleeping habit of hugging the blanket instead of covering it over her properly. Often, the man would wake up in the middle of the night and place the blanket over her, for fear that she might catch a cold.

Why did Molly buy her such a thin nightgown? Is she not aware that it’s easier to catch a cold that way?

After Finnick shut the door, he stood up from his wheelchair and walked to Vivian’s bedside, wanting to cover her with the blanket. However, right when he stood by the bed, the woman turned around and the blanket slipped off her body completely.

Finnick’s throat tightened right then and halted his actions.

The man finally understood why Molly had specially prepared that nightgown for Vivian.

It was a black nightgown with extremely beautiful patterns which were intricately woven together. The dress was stuck to Vivian’s fair skin, which increased the woman’s allure.

In the first place, the nightgown was designed to be fitting, which perfectly showcased Vivian’s curves. In addition to her sleeping posture, it was really…

Finnick’s deep-set gaze darkened.

Just then, Vivian woke up and rubbed her eyes.

“Finnick?” She was momentarily stunned to see the man standing beside her bed, but recovered quickly. “You’re back?”

When Vivian got home, she was already worn out. As such, it did not take long for her to fall asleep. However, seeing Finnick right in front of her, the woman thought of what she heard from Jenny during the day and was instantly awake.

Finnick did not answer Vivian immediately. Instead, he picked up the blanket swiftly and covered Vivian with it. Only then did the blaze in his eyes subside. “Put on warmer clothes when you sleep next time, in case you catch a cold,” the man said softly.

Vivian was stunned for a second before realizing that she was dressed in her new pajamas and blush of embarrassment spread across her cheeks. “I was only away for a day and didn’t expect Molly to throw away all my old pajamas when I came back. This is the only one left.”

Vivian was suddenly regretting returning home the day before. Not only did it not benefit her in any way, but she had also even presented a window of opportunity for Molly to act.

Indeed, she was no match for those people who had been working for the rich and powerful for a long time.

“Oh, how’s your wound?” Finnick suddenly remembered something and grabbed Vivian’s wrist. Pulling it out from underneath the blanket, he saw the cotton gauze on her wound which was already shifted out of place. “You didn’t change the dressing again? Vivian William, can you stop worrying others?” The man said with a frown.

After getting reprimanded by Finnick, Vivian recoiled a little as she was slightly fearful. “I’ll change it immediately,” she replied.

Just as Vivian was about to climb out of bed, Finnick pressed her back down. “Let me do it. It won’t be easy using only your left hand.”

The man left and returned speedily with some cotton buds and medicine, and started changing the dressing for Vivian.

Vivian had already lost count of the number of times Finnick helped to change her dressing since the day she got injured. However, whenever he did it, her cheeks never failed to heat up as she felt his warm breaths falling on her arm.

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