Never Late, Never Away Chapter 127

Vivian couldn’t help but turn her head towards the side. When she did that, Finnick’s handsome face came into view, which startled her for a moment.

From that angle, she could clearly see how long and dense the man’s eyelashes were. In addition to his obsidian-like dark eyes, Finnick’s attractive features would put any girl, including Vivian, to shame.

As she observed how attentive Finnick was at treating her wound, Vivian couldn’t help but ask, “Finnick, can I ask you something?”

Finnick remained focused on applying medicine for Vivian and without lifting his head, he answered, “Go ahead.”

“Regarding the owner of that necklace… Is she your ex-girlfriend?” Vivian took a deep breath before asking.

Finnick froze for a moment before continuing with his actions and answered, “Yup.”

To Vivian’s surprise, the man did not seem to be avoiding this topic. As much as she was slightly relieved, she couldn’t help but ask again, “You like her a lot, right?”

Finnick finally looked up and met Vivian’s eyes.

His pitch-black eyes seemed to be bottomless and unfathomable to Vivian. She could only hear him say calmly, “Vivian, why are you asking about this?”

Vivian immediately regretted asking that question as she felt that she might have overstepped his boundaries. She replied softly, “Oh, it’s nothing. I just noticed that you always have a sad expression whenever you looked at that necklace.”

Finnick’s eyes flickered before he quickly looked down again and continued dressing Vivian’s wound.

Just as Vivian thought that Finnick did not wish to continue talking about it anymore, the man spoke.

“I have let her down.”

Vivian was stunned for a few seconds before coming back to her senses. Did he mean that he had let Evelyn down?

The woman felt a shiver down her spine.

Could it be that… he had really abandoned Evelyn ten years ago? Was that why he felt like he had let her down?


That’s impossible.

Vivian shook her head to clear her mind and did not reply. As such, the conversation ended there.

Meanwhile, over at the Norton residence, the elder Mr. Norton had already gone to bed a while back as the elderly needed more rest.

However, Mark was still in his study with another person who stood hunched over in front of him. As that man was in the shadows, his face could not be seen clearly.

“Are you sure about this?” Mark’s face darkened and looked extremely grim. “You mean, that cripple Finnick has really done it with his new wife?”

“Absolutely sure,” the person in front of the study table answered seriously and added, “The elder Mr. Norton has been really concerned about this matter. I have observed very carefully and I’m certain that it’s true.”

“Damn it!” Mark hit his desk in fury. With his eyes burning in rage, he exclaimed, “So that means, if everything goes smoothly, that woman called Vivian could be bearing that damned cripple Finnick’s child?”

“Theoretically, that’s the case,” the person in front of the study table answered respectfully.

“We can’t let it happen!” Mark bellowed with a menacing look on his face. After analyzing the situation for a while, he said, “How about this, I’ll try to delay Finnick tomorrow and you’ll find a way to get rid of that woman, Vivian.”

The other man frowned as he asked, “Mr. Norton, why don’t we just get rid of Finnick directly?”

“Do you think I’ve not thought about that?” Mark sneered. “But as you know, the old man treats Finnick like a treasure. When the kidnapping accident happened ten years ago, he had combed the entire city to find him. That’s why we are unable to take any action on Finnick at the moment. Vivian is not the same, she’s just an outsider. Even if my dad finds out that we are the ones who did it, he wouldn’t do anything to us.”

“Alright, understood.”

“Oh, there’s something else.” Mark suddenly thought of something as his face darkened. “Fabian must not know about this.”

There was a flicker in the other man’s eye before he replied, “Sure.”

“You may leave now.”

“Yes, Mr. Norton.”

The next day, Vivian received a text from Finnick shortly after she reached the magazine company. He informed her that he was going away on a business trip and reminded her to change her dressing and take good care of herself.

Vivian replied: I will. Then, she started getting busy at work.

As the deadline for the new issue of the magazine was due soon, everyone in the office was in a frantic state and worked overtime in order to meet the due date.

Vivian was among the last to leave office and it was already past midnight. Coincidentally, there was a concert going on at the stadium beside the magazine company, which resulted in bad traffic conditions and it was almost impossible to get a cab.

As such, everyone was discussing about the most efficient way to carpool. However, when Vivian’s co-workers asked for her address, she was at a loss for words.

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