Never Late, Never Away Chapter 128

She couldn’t possibly tell them that she was staying at the most expensive villa housing estate in the city.

As such, the woman had no other choice but to tell the rest that her husband was already on his way to pick her up. She smiled and told them to leave first.

Everyone was envious of Vivian for having such a doting husband and left one by one. Finally, Vivian was the only one left waiting at the entrance of the magazine company.

After twenty minutes, there was still no sign of any cabs. The woman tried to call for one using a ride-hailing app but did not have any luck as well. Since Finnick wasn’t at Sunshine City at that point in time, there was no one Vivian could seek help from.

As such, she could only continue waiting.

Suddenly, a red Ferrari sports car stopped in front of her.

When she saw who the driver was, Vivian’s expression stiffened and she immediately turned to leave.

However, the car door was swiftly pushed open and the driver stepped out, chasing after the woman.

“Vivian, why are you walking away!”

The woman stopped in her tracks and turned around reluctantly. “Mr. Norton,” she greeted.

Fabian stood in front of Vivian, looking a little helpless. But still, he opened the car door and said, “Hop in, I’ll give you a lift home.”

However, Vivian did not move and merely replied, “Thanks, but my husband will be coming to fetch me.”

She had intentionally emphasized on the words ‘my husband’ but Fabian seemed to look even more helpless as he said, “Vivian, you don’t have to spite me deliberately by saying that. I know that Uncle Finnick and my dad are both out of town.”

Vivian did not expect that Finnick was out of town handling matters related to the Norton family and felt awkward instantly. However, she still stood firmly rooted to the ground and replied, “I’ll get a cab myself.”

“Look at the time now. Do you really think you’ll be able to get a cab at this hour? Don’t worry, my intentions are pure. Even if it were another employee, I would have done the same.”

After Fabian finished speaking, he saw that Vivian was still unwilling to budge. It was then that he felt a flash of irritation. Grabbing Vivian’s wrists, he dragged her into the car.

“Fabian Norton, let go of me!”

Vivian was extremely unwilling to be involved with Fabian in any sort of manner. Besides, there was already such an awkward relationship between them. Just the fact alone that Vivian could feel Fabian’s lingering feelings for her was enough for her to draw a clear line between them.

However, she was no match for Fabian’s strength and was being forced into his car.

Fabian shut the door immediately and manually locked Vivian’s side of the door with his car key, before getting into the car and driving away at the fastest speed possible. He left no chance for Vivian to get out of the car.

Vivian was simmering with anger as she glared at Fabian. Since she was already in his car, the best option she had was to keep quiet and not say a single word.

Fabian read the situation well and did not try to start a conversation with Vivian. He simply drove her back to the villa in silence.

When they arrived at the villa, Vivian finally heaved a sigh of relief at the familiar sight. She managed to force a ‘thanks’ out of her mouth and was about to get out of the car.

However, just then, Fabian, who had been keeping quiet all along, suddenly grabbed her wrists and pulled her back into the seat.

Thinking that the man was going to do something crazy again, Vivian stared at him with wide eyes and asked warily, “What do you want?”

A pained look flashed across Fabian’s face when he observed Vivian’s defensive, yet fearful expression.

However, he recovered quickly and said softly, “Vivian, I’m sorry.”

Vivian had not expected that from Fabian. She was momentarily stunned and unable to react.

“I’ve misunderstood you two years ago and left you when you needed me the most,” Fabian said seriously while looking at the woman in the eye. “I owe you an apology. I’m really, really sorry.”

Fabian was genuinely sorry and meant every single word of that.

All these while, he had been caught up with misunderstanding Vivian and taking revenge. After knowing the truth, he got busy thinking about Vivian’s relationship with Finnick. However, just the night before, he suddenly remembered that he still owed her an apology.

He had to take responsibility for his past misdeeds towards her.

Vivian’s eyes flickered slightly as she looked at Fabian, who had a serious face.

Her feelings at that moment was indescribable.

Frankly, she was never expecting an apology from Fabian. No amount of ‘sorry’ could atone for the hurt that he had caused her.

However, with Fabian looking so sincere in front of her, Vivian’s ice-cold guarded heart seemed to have melted a little.

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