Never Late, Never Away Chapter 129

At that instant, Vivian seemed to have recognized that flamboyant, yet warm Fabian she once knew.

Her eyes dimmed and avoided his gaze. “It’s already in the past, so there’s no point bringing it up now.”

Indeed, what’s done was already done. An apology would not make anything better.

However, on a similar note, Vivian knew that there was no use holding on to it and she should let bygones be bygones.

It was still not easy for her to pretend that it did not matter at all and tell Fabian that she had forgiven him, but she also did not intend to take any revenge against him.

After all, he was her first love whom she had once loved deeply. He was present during the most wonderful part of her youth and she did not want to ruin him nor their beautiful memories together.

“Vivian, I…” Fabian felt a stinging pain in his heart. Just when he wanted to say something in reply, Vivian had already looked up and said, “Thanks for sending me back. I have to go now. Bye.”

Not giving the man a chance to respond, Vivian struggled free immediately after she finished speaking and got off the car.

Fabian remained seated in the car as he looked at Vivian’s back, feeling dejected.

Is she not willing to give me a chance to apologize?

Fabian continued to sit absentmindedly in the car without driving off. Before he realized, two hours had already gone by and it was already the darkest of the night.

The man slapped himself awake and was about to leave when he detected a burnt smell coming from the direction of the villa.

Meanwhile, after Vivian got out of Fabian’s car, she returned to the villa and as usual, had dinner and washed up before going to bed.

It could have been just her imagination, but Vivian felt especially sleepy that night. She was feeling so light-headed that she almost lost her balance while showering and fell asleep once she hit the sack. It was a dreamless night for the woman.

Vivian wasn’t sure how long she had slept when she was woken up by a gush of smoke attacking her nostrils.

Vivian let out bouts of coughs as she struggled to open her eyes, but smoke went into her eyes and she felt a stinging pain.

The woman quickly realized something was amiss and climbed out of bed. However, she only realized when she tried to stand up that she was aching all over and barely had the strength to support herself.

What on earth is happening?

Vivian couldn’t bother to analyze the situation at that moment and quickly turned on her bedside lamp.

With the room lit, she immediately saw that her entire room was filled with black smoke.

H-Has… the house caught fire?

Vivian was terrified. At the same time, her cough was worsened by the burnt stench that wafted into her nose continuously. However, she managed to calm herself down quickly and struggled to get down the bed as swiftly as she could with her aching body. After grabbing her jacket, Vivian dashed out of the bedroom.

What greeted her next was an even more horrifying sight!

The flames were burning with menace as harsh smoke spiraled towards the ceiling.

The only reason the situation back in the room was not as bad was because of the closed room door which acted as a barricade. Vivian could clearly see that the entire corridor was up in flames once she opened the door.

“Molly! Liam!” Even when her own life was in danger, Vivian was still worried about the two elderly who were in their rooms. However, after calling out their names a few times, there was still no response. Instead, more smoke got into Vivian’s throat.

The woman decided that she was not in the position to worry about others and the most important thing right then was for her to get out safely.

But there was no way she could charge out of the house with the fire burning so fiercely!

Vivian forced herself to stay composed and ran back to her bedroom and locked the door. Then, she carried the blanket into the bathroom and soaked it with water, before covering herself with it and dashed out of the room once again.

With the wet blanket as protection, Vivian felt a little braver and ventured towards the corridor. She tried to stay low in order not to breathe in too much smoke.

When she finally made it to the end of the corridor and was about to go downstairs, she noticed that the situation at the stairs was even worse. A few of the steps were already burnt and crumbling, making it impossible for her to step on them!

Just as Vivian was in a complete fluster and not knowing what to do, she suddenly saw white smoke whizzing towards her in bouts.

She froze for a few seconds while staring at the white smoke when suddenly, she realized…

It’s a fire extinguisher!

The next moment, a familiar tall figure emerged through the smoke and was running towards her.

“Vivian! Vivian! Where are you!”

Vivian was both shocked and elated to hear that familiar voice, as if her last lifeline had arrived. “Fabian! Ahem! Fabian I’m here!” She screamed.

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