Never Late, Never Away Chapter 131

As she wept and all sorts of nonsensical thoughts went through her mind, suddenly, she heard a shout. “Vivian”

Vivian was startled and when she raised her head, she saw a figure running outside the flames.

“Fabian!” She tried to yell but her throat was hoarse, “I-I’m here! H-Here!”

Still, Fabian heard Vivian’s voice and rushed over immediately.

Nevertheless, the fire at the door was so strong that he could not get in at all. His tried to use his fire extinguisher but its contents had run out.

Vivian felt desperate.

Am I fated to die here, now?

Suddenly, to her shock, she saw Fabian throw the fire extinguisher out of his hand and rushed into the flames!

Vivian’s mind was blown away as she screamed, “No, Fabian!”

She could not believe her eyes.

The fire was blazing at the doorway but Fabian just rushed inside as if he was crazy!

Is he trying to get killed?

Or… did he only care about saving me?

At this thought, she bit her lip fiercely and tears rolled down her cheeks only to be evaporated by the heat.

Fool… You are really a fool…

I’m not your girlfriend anymore. Why are you going so far to try to save me? It’s not worth it!

At that instant, Fabian had rushed into the fire and in the next, he had reached Vivian.

She could see that parts of his shirt had been burnt exposing his seared skin.

She was frightened and quickly patted him with the blanket on her body to put out the fire.

However, Fabian just put on a determined face and without wasting a second, he quickly hid under the blanket. Grabbing Vivian in his arms, the both quickly rushed out through the door again!

Fabian was much bigger than Vivian and so in his embrace, she was totally protected from the flames.

It was different for Fabian. Although he was covered by the blanket, the fire still reached him and Vivian could hear him grunting over her head.

Vivian could not help trembling all over but she knew that this moment was not a time to be emotional.

Fabian had done all these just for her and it was only because of her stupidity and ignorance that there were facing this danger!

Hence, she had to grit her teeth and rush out of there!

Bearing these thoughts in her mind, she did her best to synchronize her steps with Fabian’s and the two rushed out of the fire in the corridor. However, when they reached the entrance to the corridor, most of the stairs had been burned out.

Without hesitation, Fabian embraced Vivian, turned around and jumped down!

Vivian was completely shielded from the impact as she landed on Fabian’s back because he had turned around when he jumped.

Although the stairs were not high, there were burn wounds on his back. The moment they landed, Vivian heard his groans of pain even though he desperately held back his cries. She could imagine how much pain he was in!

As she bit her lips, tears ran down her face uncontrollably.

In spite of everything, Fabian staggered up as if he felt no pain, grabbed Vivian’s hand and ran outside.

He had barely run a few steps when he stumbled.

“Enough, Fabian, enough!” Vivian quickly steadied him and spoke hoarsely, “I’ll support you!”

Vivian discovered that compared to the second floor, the fire on the ground floor was less severe. Although it was difficult for her petite stature to support Fabian along, it was fortunate that there was no fire at all. Finally, she managed to help Fabian out of the door.

As soon as they were outside, she discovered that the fire had attracted the attention of residents in other villas nearby. Someone had called a fire engine and an ambulance. When Vivian and Fabian came out, there were exclamations of surprise from the crowd.

At that moment, the firefighters were just about to enter the villa. Seeing the two of them, they too were surprised and hurried over to carry them up directly into the ambulance.

Vivian felt extremely giddy as if she were seeing stars but she forced herself to keep going. She grabbed the sleeve of the closest fireman and asked, “I-Is he okay…”

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