Never Late, Never Away Chapter 132

Helping him come outside had exhausted her so much that she had no energy left to check his condition.

The fireman sensed that she was asking about Fabian so he quickly took a look and replied, “He is quite alright but he has fainted. Don’t you worry!”

Only after hearing that was Vivian relieved. She closed her eyes and fell unconscious.

Moments passed.

When Vivian woke up the next time, she was lying on a hospital bed inside a ward.

At her bedside, sat Noah.

“Mrs. Norton, you’re awake!” Noah stood up as soon as he saw that she had regained consciousness. “How do you feel? Can you see clearly?”

At his words, Vivian realized that indeed, her eyesight seemed blurry and she could not see very well.

However, she was not concerned about that, instead, she grabbed Noah and asked in a hoarse voice, “Where’s Fabian?”

As soon as she spoke, she realized that her voice sounded like a damaged musical instrument.

A look of embarrassment flashed across Noah’s face but he replied, “Don’t worry. He’s fine. His wounds are infected but he should be awake now.”

Vivian heaved a sigh of relief. Then she coughed violently.

Noah quickly poured her a cup of water. “Mr. Norton is on the flight. He should be landing in a few hours.”

“Isn’t he in A Nation on a job?”

“The moment he heard about the fire at home, he booked the earliest flight back.” Noah continued in earnest, “Mrs. Norton, Mr. Norton is very concerned about you.”

Vivian’s lips twitched.

Perhaps, he’s more concerned about the necklace?

At the thought of the necklace, she quickly felt around her neck and said in a panic, “Where is the necklace?”

Noah was stunned at first. Then he remembered and immediately picked up the crystal necklace from the bedside nightstand. “Are you referring to this?”

Noah had no idea what the crystal necklace was all about. He watched as Vivian held the necklace in her hands and a wave of relief washed over her. “This is great! The necklace is still here…”

Noah felt puzzled. Just as he was about to call the doctor to give Vivian an examination, she looked up suddenly and asked, “Mr. Lotte, can you please take me to see Fabian?”

She knew that when Finnick arrived, with his domineering temperament, she might not have the chance to visit Fabian at all.

However, she was really worried about Fabian and more importantly, she really felt that she had been unjust to him.

Noah looked uncomfortable as he replied, “Mrs. Norton, this is not quite right…”

I must be out of my mind to bring Mrs. Norton to see her ex-boyfriend…

Vivian frowned, saying, “Well, if you’re not willing to accompany me, I will have to go on my own.”

At that, she struggled to get off the bed.

“Oh, Mrs. Norton, please…” Noah was worried about her, and now he had no choice but to help her into the wheelchair and hang the intravenous bottle on the chair as well. “It’s better that I send you there.”

Pushing Vivian on the wheelchair, Noah arrived at Fabian’s ward. Before they could enter, they could hear Ashley crying and sobbing.

“Fabian, how did you get such serious injuries? Oh, what am I supposed to do?”

Vivian was at a loss and instinctively, she wanted to leave. However, Fabian who was lying on the bed had already seen her.

There was a twinkle in his eyes as he quickly spoke up, “Vivian, since you’re here, why not enter?”

Vivian could only brace herself as she signal Noah to push her inside.

The moment Ashley saw her, her tears stopped flowing and flames of jealousy and hatred filled her eyes.

Quickly, Fabian turned to Ashley and said, “Ashley, leave us for a while.”

Unwillingness was written all over Ashley’s face but since Fabian was insistent, she had no choice but to leave. Before that, she made sure to glare at Vivian venomously.

Noah left the room too.

In the ward, Fabian was alone with Vivian.

Vivian gazed at Fabian’s pale face. His legs were in plaster casts. On his face and shoulders were numerous burn injuries and she wondered how bad were the burns under his clothes.

Spontaneously, her eyes turned a little red.

Nonetheless, she did her best to control her emotions and said softly, “Fabian, I really want to thank you sincerely for this.”

Fabian looked at Vivian and replied calmly, “You really should thank me. Did you know how dangerous it was back there? You went back into the room to get that necklace. If it weren’t for me, I guess you would have died inside.”

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