Never Late, Never Away Chapter 133

As a matter of fact, when he was saving Vivian, he had observed that she was risking her life to retrieve a crystal necklace.

Vivian’s hands gripped her hospital gown as she spoke gently, “In truth, you need not have gone that far to save me.”

“Need not have done that?” Fabian raised his eyebrows suddenly. “Vivian, what are you talking about? Did you think that I would stand by and let you die?”

Vivian could not meet Fabian’s gaze and so she turned away, saying, “Actually, you only needed to take care of yourself. I am not worthy of your effort.”

Fabian had told himself not to lose his temper with Vivian but hearing her words, he lost his temper again.

He got up, and with his bandaged hand, he held Vivian’s chin and forced her to meet his gaze. Coldly, he spoke, “Vivian, it is my decision to make, not yours!”

As Vivian looked at Fabian, she could see that he was no longer able to conceal his emotions.

She could not help feeling afraid.


You can’t do this.

The person that she was now must never have an intimate relationship with Fabian.

With that in mind, she felt the need to do right. Quickly she broke away from Fabian’s hold and said sharply, “Fabian, please be mindful of your attitude. Remember that I am your aunt now!”

Aunt Vivian.

Those two words were like cold water pouring on Fabian’s emotions.

In that instant, she moved his hand away as she frowned and looked at him. “Fabian, you will be married to Ashley soon. I hope today’s lapse in self-control will never happen again.”

With that, she did not look at Fabian again but rolled her wheelchair out of the ward. Fabian was left feeling lost, sitting on the hospital bed.

Outside the ward, Vivian stopped for a while to take a few deep breaths.

Fabian’s reaction just now felt like a thorn pricking her heart—arousing feelings she could not describe.

Back then, when Fabian tried every means to torture and insult her, she had thought that he just hated her betrayal and so he wanted to revenge.

But today, seeing the unbearable sentiment in Fabian’s eyes and his desperation to control himself, she knew that she was wrong.

He had never stopped loving her—not at all.

He tried to torture her before because he had not stopped loving her. It was because of this that after he found out about the truth, he seemed to be expecting something that he should not expect.

However, now there was nothing to expect anymore.

She had become his aunt, and he was about to become her brother-in-law. The two of them were destined to be strangers.

The thorn in her heart seemed to be constantly stirring up unbearable feelings.

At one point, they were certain that they would be partners for life. Yet, they had ended up this way.

Fabian, you have realized the truth too late…

As soon as Vivian came out on her wheelchair, Ashley suddenly popped out of the corner and stopped her.

Ashley’s beguiling face was, at that time, full of tears as she bit her lips. “Vivian, I want to talk with you.”

Vivian knew Ashley too well. If she did not talk with her now, Ashley would keep on harassing her. She had no choice but to reign in her own sadness and spoke to Noah, “You go back first.”

Noah looked at Ashley in suspicion and said to Vivian in a low voice, “Mrs. Norton, I’ll be just round the corner. Call me if you need anything.”

Vivian nodded her head.

As soon as Noah left, Ashley gave up any trace of pretense. Immediately, she snarled at Vivian, “Vivian! You shameless woman, when will you leave Fabian alone?”

Vivian found her accusation hilarious. “Ashley, since when am I not willing to leave?”

“You are trying to seduce him all the time! Otherwise he would not get burnt so badly just to save you.” She felt extremely jealous and angry just to think that he had injured himself so badly over saving Vivian. “You shameless woman, from the time we were kids, you have been trying to snatch my things. What else are you good for?”

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