Never Late, Never Away Chapter 134

Originally, Vivian didn’t want to pay any attention to Ashley, but when she heard Ashley’s words, her expression darkened and she hissed, “Ashley Miller, ask your conscience, who was the one who always wanted things that weren’t hers?”

Vivian spent her primary and high school days in international schools together with Ashley, and Ashley had never made life easy for her.

When Vivian had a crush on a senior, Ashley confessed to him first and dumped him after three days. Then, when Vivian wanted to be recognized as one of the model students in school, Ashley asked Emma to bribe the higher-ups and the title went to Ashley instead. Furthermore, when Vivian joined a club, Ashley asked the teacher to disband the club entirely.

Vivian could never understand why Ashley would go to great lengths just to spite her since Ashley was already the favorite child ever since they were young.

It wasn’t until Vivian had enough of Ashley’s bullying that she enrolled in a different high school to distance herself from Ashley and gained respite from her sister’s harassment.

Ashley glared at Vivian and retorted, “You of course! Don’t think I don’t know that you are jealous of me since we were young. You wanted to take away everything that belonged to me, the only reason you didn’t was because you failed time and time again. But this time, you actually succeeded! God knows what kind of underhanded methods you used to deal with Fabian!”

Vivian was utterly shocked at how delusional Ashley was.

“Whatever.” Vivian was done dealing with Ashley. “I already told you, I’m married, so I’m not interested in your man. Do whatever you want with that information.”

With that, Vivian wheeled her wheelchair and left.

As Vivian was leaving, Ashley bit her lip so hard it almost bled.

In actuality, Ashley knew that Vivian was speaking the truth, because the problem lied with Fabian, not Vivian.

Now that Fabian is injured, the wedding will definitely be postponed. I’m so scared that the wedding will just be canceled after the postponement!

How can I make Fabian stay?

With a glimmer in her eyes, she suddenly looked down at her belly.

Maybe that’s the only way…

After Vivian went back to her ward, she could feel her eyelids becoming heavier and heavier. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

Unbeknownst to her, while she was sound asleep, a man stepped into her ward.

When Finnick saw how pale the woman before him was and how many wounds she bore, his expression contorted in rage.

“Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton is doing fine,” Noah whispered.

“Did you find out who did this?” Finnick asked in a cold tone.

“The reports of what happened will be delivered to us soon.”

“Good.” Finnick retracted his gaze and declared, “Before that happens, let’s go visit the other victim.”

It took a moment before Noah realized who Finnick was talking about.

Sitting in his wheelchair, Finnick arrived at Fabian’s ward.

It took a lot of effort for Fabian to chase Ashley away earlier, and he was currently staring at his phone wondering if he should text Vivian to check on her. At that moment, he heard someone rapping on his door.

“Come in.” He was curious as to who would visit him, but when he saw the man in the wheelchair, he froze in shock.

“Uncle Finnick?” With a tone of surprise, he asked, “What are you doing back so soon?”

Wasn’t Uncle Finnick handling the Norton family’s business in A Nation? Why did he come back so soon?

Could it be that he rushed back because he heard about what happened to Vivian?

At that realization, Fabian felt a sense of displeasure.

Even my biological father simply gave me a phone call after finding out about my injury.

“I heard you got injured because of Vivian, so I came to visit you,” Finnick said flatly with a poker face on.

Fabian frowned and replied, “Thanks for your concern, Uncle Finnick. How is Vivian… Aunt Vivian doing?”

Finnick’s expression darkened instantly when he heard the obvious concern in Fabian’s voice. Finnick opted to not answer the question causing an awkward silence to fill the entire room.

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