Never Late, Never Away Chapter 136

“What was it?” Without turning around, Finnick asked in a cold voice.

However, Fabian didn’t answer because he recognized the necklace that Vivian risked her life for trying to retrieve.

One time when Mark was drunk, he mocked Finnick by saying that he was a useless piece of lovesick trash because he still cherished a cheap crystal necklace even though Evelyn had been dead for ten years.

That means that Vivian tried to retrieve the necklace for Finnick’s sake.

Jealousy bubbled in him like an overflowing cauldron, so Fabian didn’t want to answer Finnick’s question. Instead, Fabian smirked and suggested, “If you really want to know, why don’t you ask her yourself?”

When Finnick heard that, he finally left for real because he no longer wanted to waste his words on Fabian.

Finnick returned to Vivian’s ward and saw that she was still fast asleep. She looked pallid and her brows were furrowed as if the pain from her wounds was troubling her even in her sleep.

Seeing that, Finnick felt a sharp tug in his heart.

“Tell the company that I’m not going back these few days. Arrange a video meeting if there’s anything urgent or just come look for me directly,” Finnick instructed Noah softly.

“Mr. Norton…” Noah was absolutely stunned because he had never seen the responsible Finnick Norton shirk his work even after working under him for many years.

Finnick ignored Noah’s shocked expression and approached Vivian, he then caressed her face tenderly with his slender fingers.

While Vivian was in dreamland, she suddenly felt a hand gently stroking her cheeks.

It was a familiar feeling, so she opened her eyes slightly and saw a superbly handsome face in her groggy state.

She stiffened and tried to sit up. “Finnick?”

However, Finnick pressed her shoulders down. “Don’t move. Just lie down.”

Vivian nodded and did as instructed.

“How are you feeling?” Finnick tried to sound as calm as possible, but a faint hint of anger still slipped through his lips.

Vivian could tell that something was amiss even though she couldn’t figure out what. She frowned and asked, “Finnick, are you angry?”

Finnick fell silent at that.


More like scared.

A wave of fear surged within his heart when he found out that the house caught on fire while he was in A Nation, just like ten years ago.

But, he had no intention of telling Vivian that. Instead, he held her wrist and inspected the burn marks on the back of her hand with a sad expression.

“Fabian told me just now that you went back to the room to get something during the fire, right?” Finnick answered Vivian’s question with a question of his own.

Visibly taken aback, Vivian suddenly recalled something.

“Yeah. I went back to get this.” Her eyes were still blurry from her sleep, so she fumbled around as she tried to take the necklace off her neck. “You must be worried about this necklace, right?”

Finnick felt a sudden coldness in his palms, and he was shocked to realize that the crystal necklace was already in his hands.

His head snapped towards Vivian and he asked in a quizzical tone, “Did you go back to the room just to get this necklace?”

Because everything looked blurry to her, she couldn’t read his expressions, so she replied frankly, “Yeah. I thought that you must be concerned about it.”

Finnick grabbed onto the necklace tightly and fell silent for a long while.

Never would he have thought that the item Vivian risked her life for was this necklace.

Sensing the cold silence in the room, Vivian asked anxiously out of concern, “Finnick, why aren’t you speaking? Did something happen to the necklace? Did it get damaged during the fire?”

She then immediately inspected the necklace closely, but it was too small, and her vision was blurry, so she couldn’t notice anything significant.

“Vivian William, are you f*cking insane?”

Just as she was squinting at the necklace, a furious bellow rang in her ears.

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