Never Late, Never Away Chapter 137

Vivian froze.

Having known Finnick for so many years, she had never heard the man curse or speak in such an agitated manner.

She frowned and asked, “Finnick, what’s-”

But before she could finish, Finnick interrupted her with another yell. “You went back to the room just for a necklace? Do you know how lucky you were? You could’ve died in there!”

Finnick was absolutely livid at this point.

She’s such a moron! Is her life any less important than this stupid necklace?

I admit, this necklace is really important to me because it’s the only thing she left for me…

But how can a mere necklace ever compare to Vivian?

From the moment he found out about the fire, the only thing he was worried about was Vivian, and the existence of the necklace slipped through his mind completely.

For Vivian to confirmed that she put herself in danger just for that necklace…

It was only natural that Finnick was furious.

Finnick’s tone was harsh, and it was very different from his usual composed and sophisticated manner.

Because of her eyes, Vivian couldn’t see Finnick’s concern and fear. All she registered was his fury and disapproval.

She never expected that all she got after risking her life for a necklace was a scolding.

The fear that she had been suppressing since the fire and the indignance she felt now culminated into tears in her eyes.

That brought even more pain to her eyes, so she had to lower her head to rub it.

On the other hand, Finnick was angry beyond belief, so he didn’t even notice Vivian’s expression. He simply clenched the necklace until it bore into his palms as he looked down in frustration.

For the first time in ten years, he felt fury instead of despair and guilt when he saw the necklace.

Vivian was in danger all because of this necklace.

If I continue to keep this necklace, would that fool of a woman make the same stupid and dangerous mistake the next time something like this happens?

He knew that he was being very irrational right now, which was a far cry from his usual composed manner, but he couldn’t help himself from thinking that way.

When he saw Vivian’s pale complexion and the numerous burns on her body, rage surged within him and forced his hands to hurl the necklace away.


The sound reverberated throughout the silent room and caused Vivian to look up abruptly.

She couldn’t really see what happened, but the sound still gave her an uneasy feeling.

“Finnick Norton, what did you do!”

His anger not yet subsided, Finnick stared at Vivian and uttered coldly, “I smashed the necklace.”

“What! Are you crazy!” Vivian broke down when he said that. She sat up immediately and started searching for the necklace’s fragments in his hands because she couldn’t see where it went. “Did you really smash the necklace? What were you thinking! Your ex-girlfriend left it behind for you!”

That surprised Finnick because he never thought that Vivian would know about the necklace’s origins.

Despite so, at that moment, he couldn’t care less about it. He grabbed Vivian’s wrist with one hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist. In just a split second, the distance between them was so close it looked as if they had melded into one.

He looked down at Vivian and spoke in a tone that was full of fury, “Vivian, I’m telling you now that if this necklace is going to cause you any danger in the future, I’d rather destroy it!”

Vivian, who was still in a state of breakdown, suddenly froze when she heard that.

What does he mean by that?

Did he… smash the necklace because of me?

How is that possible? Didn’t his ex-girlfriend give him that? Isn’t it very important to him? So why did he do it…

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