Never Late, Never Away Chapter 138

Vivian felt realization budding within her like a germinating seed; she somewhat understood what was going on now, yet she didn’t have the courage to face it.

Because of his fit of anger just now, he didn’t notice that Vivian’s eyes were reddened and her gaze was somewhat unfocused.

Panic rose within him the moment he saw Vivian’s state and he moved her back on the bed and waved his hands in front of her.

Vivian frowned and said, “I’m not blind. I can still see; it’s just a bit blurry.”

“Blurry?” Finnick’s voice became softer. “Damn it. Why didn’t you look for a doctor then?”

As he said that, he pressed the bell to summon the doctor before Vivian could react.

Meanwhile, Vivian noticed that Finnick was very jumpy and easily agitated that day, unlike his usual demeanor. “I thought it wasn’t anything serious, but honestly, it actually hurts a little now.”

The worry in his eyes grew even deeper when he heard that, and he momentarily forgot what happened before. He covered Vivian’s eyes with his hands to force her to shut them. “Close your eyes. Let’s wait for the doctor.”

Vivian lay down calmly on the bed and didn’t resist his touch. She thought that everything was fine as long as Finnick wasn’t angry.

Soon, the doctor arrived. After inspecting Vivian, the doctor explained that her eyes were just exposed to smoke, and the usage of eye drops would alleviate her discomfort. The doctor also added that her eyes were drier than usual, so she was encouraged to not use her eyes for the next few days.

Vivian understood the doctor’s words as limiting her exposure to books, phones, and such, but the fastidious Finnick asked the doctor to prepare a blindfold for her.

“Isn’t that too much?” She couldn’t help but protest, “It’s not something serious anyway. I can’t live a normal life like this!”

“You don’t have to.” Finnick’s domineering personality was more obvious than usual. He put the blindfold on Vivian and said in a tone that left no room for discussion, “I’ll take care of you.”

“But you need to work…” When Vivian’s sight was replaced by inky darkness, she felt uneasy. She tried to take it off only to be stopped by Finnick.

“I already told the company that I’ll be working from here for the next few days.”

“What?” Vivian gaped in shock and forgot all about the blindfold. “You’ll be working from here?”

Isn’t Finnick someone who would work overtime without batting an eye? Is he really staying here just so he can take care of me?

“It’s fine, really,” she hastily said. “You can just ask Molly to take care of me.”

“No. My decision is final. You should get some sleep now.” Finnick had already made up his mind.

Vivian knew his antics quite well, so judging by his authoritative tone, she knew that her protests would fall on deaf ears. She had no choice but to lay back down on the bed.

Vivian had a lot of wounds, so she took some painkillers that made her feel sleepy. That, combined with her blindfold, made her fall asleep soon after she lay down.

Noah, who didn’t dare to say anything just now, stepped forward and whispered, “Mr. Norton, I already found out what happened during the fire.”

Once Vivian fell asleep, Finnick returned to his calm and collected demeanor. He wheeled himself to the restroom beside the ward while keeping his eyes on Vivian and instructed, “Go ahead.”

“The fire started from the second floor and the site of ignition is probably the study next to the master bedroom.”

Finnick’s gaze turned sharp. “So you’re saying that the perpetrator was targeting Vivian from the start.”

Noah nodded and said with a solemn expression, “Moreover, I sent some men to check every single entry point of the room and found out that none of the anti-theft equipment was damaged. There wasn’t any footage of anyone stepping into the room as well.”

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