Never Late, Never Away Chapter 139

Finnick narrowed his eyes.

Noah knew what was on Finnick’s mind and nodded in reply.

The security system in Finnick’s villa was top-notch. The fact that there were no signs of sabotage could only mean that the fire was…

It’s caused by internal staff members…

Finnick tensed up, his voice was chilly when he ordered, “Get Liam and Molly for me.”

Half an hour later, Finnick arranged a few guards at Vivian’s ward and headed to the hospital’s underground storage room alone.

Inside, a man and a woman were tied up on the floor.

The door opened. A slender man in a wheelchair wheeled in slowly and stopped in front of them.

Realizing who it was, the woman was astonished. “Mr. Norton! Mr. Norton, what did we do to deserve this?”

Molly never thought that there would come a day like this. She had always taken care of Finnick with all her heart.

Finnick ignored her and said flatly, “Liam, Molly, seeing that both of you are the seniors in the Norton family, please just confess. Do not force my hand.”

Molly looked confused. “Confess? Mr. Norton, is there some misunderstanding?”

“How about you, Liam? Anything you want to say?” Finnick continued without answering Molly.

Ever since Finnick entered the room, Liam’s expression had been grim. As he looked at Finnick, he suddenly let out a menacing laugh.

In response, Finnick simply sat there and let Liam have his time. He was in no hurry.

As Liam’s laughter ended, he glared at Finnick. “What a pity. To think that that woman would survive such a huge fire.”

As Liam spoke, Finnick remained as calm as ever. It was clear that the latter already knew what was going on. Molly on the other hand was stumped. “What nonsense are you spouting, old man?”

“Nonsense? I’m just saying the truth” Liam continued. “After all, Mr. Norton. You’ve already found out about it, right? That I drugged Vivian’s soup and started the fire. Do whatever you want with me. My wife knows nothing, so leave her out of this.”

Molly’s eyes widened and she screamed, “Liam Zachary! Are you crazy? You dare harm Mrs. Norton? Have you forgotten what the Norton family had done for us?”

“Of course I remember!” Liam roared. “But I’m doing this precisely for the Nortons!”

Compared to the agitated state that Liam and Molly were in, Finnick, on the other hand, showed almost no reaction. The only difference was that his gaze grew cold and gloomy.

Liam had been around Finnick for a long time to know the murderous intent behind that look. Cold sweat started streaking down his face but he forced out a statement. “Mr. Norton, let me be honest with you. There’s only one person who can inherit the Norton family business. And logically speaking, that person should be the eldest of the family. On top of that, you’re now a cripple. There’s no reason for you to be competing with your brother! This would only harm the family!”

Finnick sneered after hearing Liam’s justification. “So you’re telling me that you targeted Vivian just because of that?”

“That’s right” Liam’s gritted his teeth. “I can’t allow you to have an heir that might compete with Fabian. Everything I did was for the sake of the Norton family…”

“Excuses. All of it.” Finnick snapped with an icy tone. “Tell me the truth. How much did Mark offer you?”

Liam instantly went pale and his words died on his lips.

Looking at Liam, Finnick felt nothing but disgust for the old man.

This is human nature. On the surface, you kept insisting that everything you did is for the family. But deep down, you’re just a puppet guided by your own greed.

Finnick had no need for people like him ten years ago. That fact remained true even now.

As the disgust that Finnick felt for Liam intensify by the second, he could no longer stand the sight of the old man. Finnick turned around and got ready to leave the room.

At that moment, Liam shouted out behind him, “Finnick! Even though I accepted Mr. Mark’s bribe, what I said is true! In the end, he chose to target Vivian instead of you. It’s clear that he still values this relationship. Please stop going against him! With Norton family’s wealth, you won’t have to worry about a thing until the day you die!”

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