Never Late, Never Away Chapter 14

Ever since Fabian became the Chief Editor, Vivian, who had always liked to work overtime, left exactly on the dot. Today was not an exception either.

She took a cab home to the villa. Slumping against the soft sofa, she realized that her cold had not fully recovered yet as her muscles had ached terribly.

When Vivian heard someone approaching her, she sat up in a fluster. She soon caught sight of Finnick’s wheelchair beside her.

Instead of wearing his formal, white shirt, Finnick was wearing a casual grey cardigan, outlining his perfectly sculptured body.

“Why are you back so early today?” She was surprised to see Finnick at this time of the day.

Finnick threw a returning glance at Vivian.

Her face was still slightly pale while her eyes were red, which meant that she had cried in the morning.

“Well,” mused Finnick, his expression still calm, “The food is ready. Come and eat.”

When Vivian arrived at the dining room, her gaze fell upon the dishes on the table. She was momentarily stunned.

Most of the dishes were soup-based and vegetarian, with many nutritional ingredients in them.

Although they had not stayed together for long, Vivian noticed that Finnick had a love for spicy food. Why are today’s dishes so bland?

Feeling suspicious, Vivian sat down. Finnick poured her a bowl of chicken soup and placed it in front of her. “This is to warm your body.”

Vivian was astonished.

Were these dishes specially cooked, to tend to my cold?

Vivian felt an indescribable feeling, flooding within her heart. Her initial exhaustion and sadness had slowly disappeared as it was soon replaced by a heartwarming feeling.

So, it feels so good to have been cared for by someone.

“What are you thinking about?” Finnick’s mellow voice sounded out from beside her.

Jolted back to her senses, Vivian smiled and murmured, “It’s nothing.”

Suddenly remembering something, she added, “Oh, right. I’m going to eat at my father’s place tomorrow night. Seeing as such, you won’t need to prepare dinner for me.”

“Okay,” replied Finnick. After a while, he added, “When I’m free, I’ll visit your parents too.”

Stunned, Vivian blurted out, “There’s no need for that.”

Finnick raised his eyebrows in question.

Vivian realized that her reaction seemed slightly inappropriate. Feeling embarrassed, she explained, “My parents… Don’t have a good relationship… My Mom’s health is quite bad too, so…”

Looking at how flustered Vivian had seemed, a small smirk played upon Finnick’s lips.

Vivian was unaware of the fact that he had already investigated her family’s background.

“Really?” Instead of exposing her lie, he responded calmly, “When you’re free, I would want to bring you along to meet my family.”

Vivian was taken aback, for it was the first time that Finnick had mentioned his family.

“Your parents?” asked Vivian carefully.

“My parents have long passed away.”

Embarrassed, Vivian muttered, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Finnick remained as composed as ever. “I’ll bring you to visit my grandfather and elder brother when your schedule is freed up. Coincidentally, my brother’s son is going to get married recently.”

Someone’s getting married again?

Vivian smiled bitterly.

Has it been auspicious recently? Why is everyone rushing to get married?

“Okay, then.” Since she was Finnick’s wife, it was a basic courtesy to visit each other’s families. Hence, she did not refuse.

The next day, Vivian managed to survive until her dismissal time from work. She hailed a cab to the Miller Residence.

Upon stepping out of the cab, she took notice of a woman wearing a bright yellow dress, happily rushing towards her.

“Vivian, you have finally arrived!” The woman grabbed Vivian’s hands in hers. Flashing a bright smile at Vivian, she urged in an intimate manner, “Come in quickly. I want to introduce my fiancé to you!”

Staring at Ashley, who appeared rather beautiful, Vivian pursed her lips. “The grandson of the Norton family, huh?”

Appearing astonished, Ashley smiled shyly. “So Daddy has already let you in on everything. Nonetheless, when you see him later, don’t mention anything of the Norton family! He hates it when others discuss his family background.”

Although Ashley had uttered such words, the proud look in her eyes could not be concealed.

Vivian merely smiled at her words.

Since young, she had known that Ashley was a materialistic person. Now that she managed to cling to someone from the Norton family, it must have been really hard for her to stop herself from bragging.

However, it was certainly a proud achievement to be engaged to a member of the Norton family.

In Sunshine City, the top three families were the Nortons, the Morrisons, and the Jacksons. They were powerful families who had risen to power ages ago, unlike the Millers who had only recently shot up to riches.

If she was not mistaken, Ashley’s fiancé was the son of the eldest son of the Norton family. He had studied abroad for a long time, so many outsiders did not know his name.

While Vivian mulled over it, Ashley was already eagerly dragging her to the villa.

In the living room, a tall and lean figure was sitting on the sofa, his back facing them.

Ashley dragged Vivian over, her face full of excitement. “Fabes, let me introduce her to you. She’s my sister. Although we don’t share the same mother, she’s my biological sister!”


Vivian’s body stiffened. When she raised her head, she saw the man smiling at her. “Oh! I didn’t expect your sister to be someone that I’m acquainted with.”

It was Fabian.

Vivian was utterly stunned, feeling as though she had just been struck by lightning.

Never in a million years would she have imagined Ashley’s fiancé to be Fabian!

He’s the grandson of the Norton family?

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