Never Late, Never Away Chapter 140

Finnick stopped in his tracks after hearing what Liam said.

He snickered.

Oh Liam. You really are loyal to Mark.

“He values our relationship?” Finnick taunted. “Liam oh Liam. Looks like Mark never trusted you. Did he not tell you the truth behind the kidnapping ten years ago?”

“What do you mean?” Liam turned deathly pale.

Finnick simply ignored him and proceeded to leave the storage room.

Back in the hospital hallway, he finally gave Noah an order. “Settle this for me.”

“Understood, Mr. Norton,” Noah noted and he raised an eyebrow. “But don’t you want to see this through personally?”

Compared to when Finnick found out about Vivian getting hurt, his reaction this time was far more calmer. Noah had thought that the man would be furious.

Finnick sneered, “He’s just a pawn in the grand scheme of things. There’s no need to be too serious about it. Besides, the one that I’m after is still out of my reach for now.”

Noah immediately understood and said nothing further.

“One more thing.” Finnick suddenly thought of something as his gaze flickered. “Send Molly and her son overseas and give them some cash.”

Noah knew Finnick never blamed the innocent. He nodded and accepted the request.

By the time Finnick returned to the ward, night had fallen and the hallways were empty.

“Um. Mr. Norton. Would you like to head over to a hotel nearby? Or should I find an empty room for you?” Noah had no idea what Finnick wanted to do at the moment so he carefully probed.

However, Finnick’s answer left him in shock.

“It’s fine. I’ll sleep here in Vivian’s room.”

Noah’s eyes almost popped out from its sockets when he heard that. It took quite a while for him to calm down. “Ok. I’ll ask the nurse to prepare an extra bed for you then,” he replied.

They arrived at Vivian’s room door while they talked.

Through the window on the door, Finnick’s gaze fell upon the bed that Vivian was sleeping in. The bed’s actually quite big. But I guess that’s normal since this is a VIP room after all.

“Never mind that.” Finnick stopped Noah from looking for a nurse. “I’ll sleep on Vivian’s bed.”

Noah gaped at Finnick in shock.

I-Is this… S-Still Mr. Norton? Mr. Norton, who always has high expectations for quality of life, is going to share a sickbed with a patient?

Perhaps it was because Noah’s reaction was too over the top, Finnick raised his head and looked at Noah. “Is there a problem?”

Noah quickly closed his mouth and replied, “No problem at all. I’ll bring some toiletries and some clean clothes for you then.

It only took a short while for Noah to send all the necessities over. Finnick washed up in the private toilet provided, got into his pajamas, and came to Vivian’s bedside.

The bed was indeed big. Coupled with the fact that Vivian always slept curled up on her side, there was even more space on it. Finnick easily found a comfortable spot and laid down.

Vivian, who was sound asleep, felt a sudden but familiar warmth behind her and her forehead creased. She instinctively turned around.

Her nose bumped into something as she turned.

Ouch. That hurt.

She was instantly wide awake. Vivian tried to open her eyes but then she remembered that Finnick put a blindfold on her that obscured her vision.

Vivian tried to take off the blindfold but her hands were held in place before she could do anything.

“Don’t move.” A soft voice whispered to her ear along with the warmth of the breath. “I already told you. Other than when you need the eye drops, the blindfold stays on.”

“Finnick?” Vivian was stunned. She could not see a thing but she recognized the man’s voice.

Vivian felt something was amiss, but since Finnick prohibited her from taking off the blindfold, she had no choice but to fumble around in the darkness with her hands.

Lo and behold, she could tell that what she was touching was Finnick’s chest. Flustered, she blurted, “Finnick?” Why… Why are you on my bed? Wait! Are you in your pajamas?”

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