Never Late, Never Away Chapter 141

Finnick always had a suit on but what Vivian touched was smooth and felt loose. It was clear that Finnick was wearing his usual silk pajamas.

Why didn’t he go home? Why is he here in his pajamas?

The more Vivian thought about it, the more confused she got. She started feeling around Finnick’s body.

What she felt stumped her. Huh. Even though I’ve seen his body with my own eyes, this feels really different from what I thought.

She often heard that eight-packs felt like ice cubes but she always waved them off as exaggerations. That was, until now.

Moreover, the lines and grooves of his V-cut is very apparent…

Vivian was in over her head as her hands slipped further below and touched…

At that moment, a grunt interrupted her followed by Finnick’s voice. “Vivian William. Are you tempting me?”

Vivian came back to her senses. Realizing what she touched, she quickly retracted her hands.

However, her hands were caught by Finnick and held in front of his chest.

“Fin-Finnick.” Vivian’s mind was all over the place, but she was able to confirm that Finnick was in his pajamas lying beside her. “Why are you here? Why didn’t you go home?”

“To accompany you.” Finnick lowered his voice.

“Accompany me?” Vivian was thoroughly in shock.

In the dark, Finnick could see Vivian’s astonishment even with her blindfold on. He pursed his lips.

Something in him melted. Initially, he had a lot of anger pent up from all the worrying. But at that instance, he felt at peace.

Finnick could not help his hand from wrapping around her slim waist, pulling her into his embrace.

He buried his face into Vivian’s silk-like hair and a faint fragrance wafted into his nose. Taking a deep breath, he spoke. “I’m sorry.”

Vivian was already slow to react because of the blindfold. Hearing Finnick’s sudden apology made her even more so. “What are you sorry for?”

“I overreacted today.” Finnick thought back to how he roared at Vivian and even smashed the necklace. It was all actions he regretted.

Since when did my control over my emotions got so bad?

Finnick had thought that after the incident ten years ago, he would have the presence of mind to face anything. He never would have thought that Vivian would come along and stir him up again.

Vivian recalled what happened that morning and her lashes fluttered under the blindfold.

Finnick… So you really do regret breaking the necklace?

She did not know how to react to his words. In the end, she settled for a smile. “That’s right. You were too reckless to smash that precious necklace of yours just like that.”

Even in the dark, Finnick could see that Vivian’s smile was forced.

He frowned as he pulled Vivian closer to him.

“What I regretted was not about smashing the necklace,” he said softly at her ear.

Confused, Vivian rebutted, “Impossible. That necklace was your ex-girlfriend’s…”

She immediately regretted the words that left her mouth.

Oh no. Why did I have to mention Evelyn?

Regardless, Vivian did not know how she should approach talking about Finnick’s past relationship. Not to mention, the girl had passed away, making the topic even harder to broach. But one thing that Vivian knew for sure was that what happened to Evelyn definitely left a scar in Finnick’s heart and she really did not want to pry.

However, Finnick was only slightly startled. “You actually know quite a lot huh?”

Vivian felt a little awkward since she could not determine how Finnick was feeling at the moment through his tone. Thus, she kept quiet.

Compared to Vivian’s tensed-up body, Finnick was more relaxed. He was enjoying the scent of Vivian in his arms as he played around with her hair.

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