Never Late, Never Away Chapter 142

“The necklace was definitely special to me.” To Vivian’s surprise, Finnick straight-up admitted to it. Her eyes darkened under the blindfold. “But,” Finnick continued. “If you’re ever dumb enough to put yourself in danger for the necklace again, I’d rather break it into pieces.”

Vivian was shocked.

Finnick did say something similar in the morning, but she thought it was all on impulse and did not dwell on it.

She never expected Finnick to repeat those same words to her again and in a serious tone. His words got her heart racing.

“So,” Finnick went on, his voice lower than before. “From now on, no matter what it is, don’t go throwing yourself in danger for it. If you care about me, keep yourself safe. Because you’re all that matters to me right now.”

Because you’re all that matters to me right now.

Hearing those words, Vivian felt as if her heart had stopped pumping blood into her system for a moment before sending all of it rushing to her head, making her feel as though her head was about to explode.

She was suddenly relieved that she had a blindfold on and that it was dark, so Finnick would not be able to see her panicking gaze as well as her bright red face.

Her relieve was short-lived, however, when she felt an unexpected coldness on her cheeks.

She was surprised at first but immediately recognized that it was Finnick’s hand.

“You’re burning up.” Vivian heard Finnick teasing her.

Indeed, in contrast with Vivian’s burning hot cheeks, Finnick’s fingers felt like ice cubes.

At that moment, Vivian wished with all her heart that the blindfold would meld itself to her face so that she would never have to face Finnick with the embarrassment that she felt.

Vivian tried to calm herself down. Stop embarrassing yourself! But the blush on her face refused to subside. “Vivian.” Finnick spoke.

Finnick’s voice was deep and hoarse and gave off a mystical vibe.

Vivian instinctively raised her head. Before she could say anything, something soft touched her lips.

As Vivian was blindfolded, everything was pitch black to her and she stiffened upon the unfamiliar sensation.

What… What’s this? She was confused.

In the next second, the answer was reveal to her.

The chilly sensation began to explore her lips. At first, it was gentle, but then it became more forceful until finally, it invaded every inch of her lips. It was as though he was robbing away all the air she had in her.

This was not the first kiss that Finnick and Vivian shared. But every time they kiss, Vivian would feel nervous and her whole body would tense up. This time was no exception.

Because of her blindfold, Vivian lost her sense of sight making her even more sensitive to everything around her. It made the passionate caress of Finnick’s lips feel intensified to the degree where her body actually started to tremble.

After what felt like an eternity, Finnick noticed that the woman in his arms was panting out of breath from his loving kiss. Thus, he relaxed his arms.

Looking at Vivian with her blindfold and the flushed face under it, a sense of regret started to well up in Finnick. I shouldn’t have given her the blindfold.

He wanted to see Vivian’s eyes.

She’s definitely embarrassed right now. But does she feel the joy and excitement that I feel?

He could feel the warmth from Vivian’s body and smell the fragrance coming from her. Finnick felt like his self-control was being challenged once again.

Through sheer determination, he was able to hold it in.

Finnick knew full well that it was not the time for that, seeing that Vivian was hurt and the fact that she was recuperating. Not to mention, her trauma from two years ago was still a big hurdle that they hadn’t crossed.

As Vivian lay weakly in Finnick’s arms, she was oblivious to the man’s thoughts. She had no idea that she just barely escaped the big bad wolf.

That was, until Finnick hugged her and held her earlobes between his lips. “One day. I’m going to eat you up,” he muttered.

Vivian was confused for a few seconds before she realized what he meant. Her already blushed face instantly felt like it was about to burst once more.

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