Never Late, Never Away Chapter 143

Finnick could feel Vivian’s body temperature rising again in his arms and he grinned. He decided not to tease her any further and covered her with the blanket. “Just go to sleep.”

Vivian leaned against Finnick’s chest and she could hear his heartbeat. Oddly enough, the rhythm of his beating heart calmed her down and her drowsiness kicked in soon after.

This is really amazing.

Being with Finnick could make her heart run wild, but he could also calm her down to the point where she felt safe and peaceful.

That night, she slept soundly.

Surprisingly, Finnick was always in the ward with Vivian for the following days. Sometimes, there would be people in the ward to discuss company affairs with him. No matter what business it was, it was clear that he had no intention of leaving.

Every night, Finnick would squeeze into her bed.

That did not bother Vivian whatsoever. The only thing she was worried about was how it would affect Finnick’s company. For that reason, she coaxed and pestered Finnick to get her discharged on the fifth day.

While they were going through the procedures, Vivian secretly asked the nurse about Fabian. She was able to find out that he recovered rather quickly and was discharged a few days prior to her and was now back with the Norton family, currently under the care of a personal doctor.

Thank God he’s not hurt.

Vivian was not very worried about Fabian, but the fact that she was the reason that he got hospitalized was undeniable. Thus, she would not be able to forgive herself if anything bad were to happen to him.

Back at home, Vivian saw that Liam and Molly were gone. A new housemaid took their place. She was about Molly’s age and was good at cooking. The only difference was that she was quieter.

Vivian did not probe any further regarding Liam and Molly’s disappearance.

On the day of the fire, she already had a hunch that the fire was started internally. Finnick did not seem to have a lot of servants, but Vivian knew that they had ample bodyguards outside. Moreover, the number of security guards around the neighborhood was not small and the villa itself had a state-of-the-art security system in place.

The only conclusion she could draw was that it was done by one of the internal staff.

When she associated it with how she was unusually woozy that night, it was clear that Liam and Molly had something to do with it.

Their disappearance now only confirmed her suspicion.

As for the motive, Vivian knew they were definitely under orders.

She initially thought that Liam and Molly were following orders from the elder Mr. Norton but he should not have any reasons to harm her. Could it be… Mark?

All that thinking gave Vivian a headache. These big families and their nuances are so complicated. It seemed that I was too relaxed in the past. Now that I am Finnick’s wife, I am considered one of the Nortons. I have to be more careful from now on.

Meanwhile, at the Nortons’ old villa.

Mark had a nasty scowl on his face as he sat in the study. He looked worn out as he just got back from the airport.

In front of him stood Fabian. His face was pale with bandages all over his body but his expression was as nasty as his father.

“Dad.” Fabian took the initiative and spoke in a cold tone. “You’re the one responsible for the fire at Finnick’s house, right?”

Even though Fabian was an impulsive man, he was not stupid. He grew up in the Norton family, after all. The schemes and backstabs were all too common for him. During his stay at the hospital, he was able to figure out everything.

“Yes. So what?” Mark answered. There was no reason for him to hide anything from his son.

Fabian’s expression distorted. “Dad! Why are you targeting Vivian? She’s just an innocent woman! Why do you need to hurt her?”

At the mention of Vivian’s name, Mark’s expression darkened even further. He slammed his palm on the desk and stood up in rage.

“Fabian! Is this how you’re supposed to talk to your father?” Mark roared. “You’re going against me for a woman?”

When Mark was in A Nation, he was notified of the plan’s failure. And the reason for the failure was none other than his precious son who risked his life to save the woman. Mark was so infuriated by the report that he smashed quite a few flower vases in the process.

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