Never Late, Never Away Chapter 144

That stupid unfilial son!

“Dad, I’m not trying to go against you!” Fabian exclaimed as his face turned pale. “Vivian didn’t do anything wrong. There’s no need to involve her if you want to punish Finnick!”

“You’re a fool if that’s what you think!” Mark roared. “Finnick hasn’t had any women in his life for the last few years, and people are saying he is infertile. He will not be a threat to us if he remains unattached. But now that he is involved with Vivian, we might have a big problem if she bears him a child!”

Fabian was stunned. “How is that possible? Finnick is just a cripple.”

“So what if he’s a cripple? That doesn’t mean he cannot start a family. The market value and annual profits of Finnor Group are way beyond that of the Norton family’s business. That’s basically telling the world that I am not as good even as a disabled person!” Mark yelled grouchily.

Fabian’s face turned as white as a ghost.

He didn’t expect Finnick to be capable to this extent.

Mark’s face sank as he looked at Fabian, then he said coldly, “Fabian, I know why you’re trying so hard to protect Vivian. You still have feelings for her, don’t you?”

Fabian glanced at Mark in utter disbelief.

How does Dad know about me and Vivian?

He was in shock, but he managed to calm down quickly and let out a snort.

Dad might act like he does not care about me because I was a rebel back then. But I’m his only son. How could he not care about me?

Every move I made during my four years in college was closely monitored by him.

“You knew about us?” Fabian asked in an icy tone.

“Of course,” Mark answered nonchalantly. “It was during Finnick’s wedding that I realized his wife is your ex-girlfriend. Nevertheless, I couldn’t be bothered. She’s just an average woman after all, no different from any other woman. But I definitely will not let Finnick’s partner go.”

Fabian’s expression changed drastically when he heard Mark’s vicious remarks. He charged towards the desk and roared at his father, “Dad, I won’t allow you to lay a finger on Vivian!”

Mark was not angered by Fabian at all. Instead, he snickered, “Alright, I promise you that I won’t take the woman’s life.”

Fabian was stunned as he didn’t expect Mark to agree to his demands so easily.

He looked at Mark suspiciously and said, “Are you serious?”

“Of course. Why would I lie to you?” Mark replied calmly. “Besides, I just thought of a better way to deal with Finnick.”

Although Fabian remained skeptical, he nodded and said, “Okay. As long as Vivian is left unharmed, you can deal with Finnick however you want to.”

Mark nodded. “You can leave now.”

As soon as Fabian stepped out of the room, Harry walked up to Mark with a gloomy face.

“Mr. Norton, do you really plan on letting Vivian go?” he asked in a low voice.

“Who said I was going to let the woman go?” Mark responded with a cold look on his face.

“But you just said…” Harry murmured.

“I only said I won’t take her life. That doesn’t mean I will let her go completely,” said Mark as a cunning look flashed across his face. “It’s rare for Finnick to fall in love, isn’t it a pity if I just kill the person he loves in one strike? Where’s the fun in that?”

Mark had initially planned to kill Vivian. But when he was in M Nation, he was surprised to see how Finnick rushed to take the next flight home to attend to Vivian’s accident.

It was then that he realized how special Vivian was to Finnick. She wasn’t the usual short-term fling that he expected her to be.

Finnick actually cared about her deeply.

This realization thrilled Mark as he finally found a way to hurt Finnick.

Since he was young, he had hated Finnick’s guts. Finnick was a lot younger than Mark, but he had always outperformed Mark in every aspect. Because of this, Mark developed a strong sense of jealousy over the years.

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