Never Late, Never Away Chapter 145

When Finnick lost both his legs during the kidnapping incident ten years ago, Mark thought that his younger brother would no longer be a threat to him.

However, when Finnick returned from M Nation on a wheelchair many years later, he turned out to be an even bigger threat to Mark.

Ever since Finnick established Finnor Group years ago, his capabilities slowly made him a threat to Mark.

Mark had tried countless ways to get rid of his brother, but Finnick seemed to be made of steel. For many years, he had not managed to find any of Finnick’s weaknesses, until Vivian came along.

Finnick’s love and care for Vivian was his Achilles’s heel.

What a good opportunity this is, Mark thought to himself. I definitely won’t kill her so easily.

A sinister smile appeared on his face as he thought about his plan.

For the following few days, Vivian remained cooped up in the house. She managed to persuade Finnick to return to work in his office, but he would get off work early to have dinner with her every day.

Although Vivian did not explicitly express her appreciation, she was well aware of how much he cared for her.

When they were having dinner together during the weekend, Finnick suddenly asked her, “What are you up to tomorrow?”

Vivian blinked and said, “Do I look like I have much to do lately?”

“Okay. Can you go somewhere with me tomorrow then?” he replied.

Vivian was tired of being cooped up at home for the last few days, so when she heard Finnick’s words, she agreed without asking any further questions.

Finnick chuckled, “Great. Make sure you rest well tonight. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”

The next day, Vivian was woken up by Finnick early in the morning. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Finnick was dressed formally in a black suit and ready to leave.

She was stunned. Who could he be meeting today?

“Come on now, get yourself out of the bed and get dressed,” he said. Vivian felt that Finnick wasn’t his usual self that day as he seemed a bit absent-minded. He even prepared a dress and put it on the bed for her.

The little black dress was elegant yet modest.

Without thinking any further, Vivian freshened up and got dressed. After she had breakfast with him, the two of them left in his car.

Along the way, Finnick was particularly quiet, and Vivian noticed there was a bouquet of lilies on the car seat.

She was curious where they were heading towards, but she didn’t dare to question Finnick, so she sat next to him quietly.

One hour later, they arrived in the suburbs outside the city.

Vivian, who had fallen asleep leaning on Finnick’s shoulder, suddenly opened her eyes when she felt the car stop. She was startled to see the scenery outside the window.

“Where are we?” she looked at Finnick in surprise.

With a hint of sadness in his voice, he replied softly, “Come with me. I’ll take you to meet her.”

Vivian was rendered speechless.

Just then, Noah got out of the car and helped Finnick onto his wheelchair, prompting Vivian to follow them immediately.

Upon getting out of the car, her expression turned somber as she stared at the landscape before her eyes.

Finnick had brought her to a cemetery.

She finally understood why he was behaving rather strangely that day.

Finnick held her hand and led her to a grave in the middle of the cemetery.

On the snow-white tombstone were several finely engraved words: Here lies Evelyn Morrison.

There was also a black and white photograph of a girl on the tombstone. The girl’s smile was beaming, and her beauty was unrivaled.

While Vivian was still mentally processing the tombstone in front of her, Finnick suddenly said with a deep voice, “I’m sorry. Are you upset that I brought you here without your prior consent?”

Vivian was taken aback by his words, but she quickly shook her head.

She wasn’t upset at all. On the contrary, she felt rather pleased.

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