Never Late, Never Away Chapter 146

Ever since Jenny told her about the kidnapping incident that happened years ago, Vivian had always wanted to ask Finnick for more information.

However, since it was a very personal and traumatic incident, she couldn’t bring herself to ask him about it.

She did not expect him to open up about his past on his own accord. Does this mean that he is finally willing to open up to me?

Finnick grabbed Vivian’s hand, intertwining his hand with hers as he looked at the tombstone. He blinked and asked, “I believe you know who she is, right?”

Vivian hesitated for a brief moment before nodding. “Yes, I know a bit about her.”

“Then I suppose you have also heard quite a bit about the rumors of the kidnapping incident that happened ten years ago,” said Finnick indifferently. “Especially about how I abandoned her to save myself…”

Vivian suddenly became nervous and was at a loss for words.

Finnick, on the other hand, remained calmed and even let out a faint smile as he said, “Don’t be nervous. You can be honest with me.”

After a moment of hesitation, Vivian finally uttered, “Someone did tell me that before, but I don’t believe it.”

Finnick’s dark eyes flickered as he responded, “Why not?”

“I don’t think you’re the kind of person who would abandon anyone just like that. Moreover, she was your girlfriend back then,” Vivian explained softly, then she looked at him with uncertainty and added, “Am I right?”

Finnick did not answer her immediately but looked at the tombstone and mumbled to himself instead, “Would I really not abandon anyone? Even I am not sure about it myself…”

Vivian was shocked.

Not sure?

What does he mean by he’s not sure?

Finnick changed the topic and said, “Evelyn and I were childhood sweethearts. My family and the Morrison family have shared a good relationship for generations.”

Vivian was astonished.

So Evelyn is part of the Morrison family?

The Morrisons, the Jacksons, and the Nortons are known as the three prominent families of S City, and their reputation has been around for generations.

So, it turns out Evelyn was an heiress.

Vivian let out a wry smile as she felt uneasy about her own status.

She was like a lowly peasant compared to Evelyn.

She suppressed her uneasy feeling and said, “What happened next?”

“I thought once we’re of age, we would get married like a normal couple. No one expected that we would get kidnapped ten years ago,” Finnick continued in his usual mellow voice.

Vivian already knew about this part of the story from Jenny. What she wanted to know was what happened after the kidnapping incident.

“We were locked up in a warehouse by our kidnappers, and they did not release us even after receiving our ransom. Instead, they drugged us and set the warehouse on fire.” Finnick sounded calm, but Vivian could hear the furious undertone in his voice.

“Drugged?” she asked in shock as Jenny had not told her anything about this. “Did the kidnappers want to kill you because you saw their faces?”

“No,” Finnick replied with a frown. “The kidnappers wore masks and gloves the whole time, and they left no evidence behind.”

Vivian was dumbstruck by his answer.

Earlier, she thought that Finnick and Evelyn had seen what their kidnappers looked like, prompting their kidnappers to kill them because they were afraid of being identified.

But now that she heard Finnick’s side of the story, she felt that the kidnappers had no reason to attempt murder.

Even though kidnapping and homicide are both criminal acts, they have a very different degree. If the kidnappers were in it for the ransom, why didn’t they just leave the country immediately after getting the money? Why did they try to kill Finnick and Evelyn instead?

“Why did they try to kill the two of you then?” Vivian couldn’t help asking out of curiosity.

Finnick’s eyes flickered as though he knew the reason, but he didn’t answer her question. Instead, he continued where he left off earlier, “I passed out immediately after being drugged but was awakened by the thick smoke.”

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