Never Late, Never Away Chapter 147

Vivian was shell shocked by now as she felt that Finnick’s incident sounded eerily similar to the fire that happened to her last time.

Nevertheless, she didn’t ponder on this thought very much, and she focused on what he was about to say instead.

How did Finnick manage to escape back then? Did he actually abandon Evelyn?

As Finnick stared at the tombstone, he continued his account, “When I regained consciousness, I noticed my hands were untied. On top of that, Evelyn was nowhere to be found.”

This development shocked Vivian.

I always wondered how Finnick was able to free himself, but it turns out he was untied by someone else?

Most importantly, how did Evelyn disappear?

Vivian was not expecting such a development, so she asked, “Are you sure?”

Finnick narrowed his eyes at Evelyn and questioned, “You don’t believe me too?”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you,” she rushed to defend herself. Everything just sounded strange to her, and when she realized he had used the word “too,” she continued, “Wait, there are others who do not believe your account?”

“That’s right,” Finnick said as he looked down. “I told everyone about what happened after I managed to escape, but no one believed me. Even the police said I was making up stories, so they stopped investigating my case after a while.”

Vivian was dumbfounded.

She didn’t expect this to be the “truth” that she had been searching for all this while.

She really wanted to believe what Finnick said, that he didn’t abandon his then-girlfriend. As she racked her brains to come up with a reasonable explanation, she said, “Could it be that Evelyn left on her own, or was taken away by someone?”

Finnick answered, “When I regained consciousness and realized that Evelyn wasn’t around, I searched the entire warehouse but couldn’t find her. Seeing that my hands were untied, the only two possibilities I thought of was that she had left or that someone had taken her away after untying my hands. Later on, the police in charge of this case told me that wasn’t possible.”

“How so?” Vivian questioned.

“During her post-mortem, they found that she had indeed been tied up by a rope, and DNA analysis confirmed that it was indeed Evelyn. Moreover, the knife they found at the scene was the one used to cut the rope around my hands, and there were knife cuts on my hands,” said Finnick.

Vivian was utterly astounded.

All evidence at the scene proved that Finnick himself cut the rope around his hands and escaped on his own, showing no concern for Evelyn.

However, he recalled otherwise.

Common sense would say that Finnick was lying to cover up the immoral things he had done.

“So, that was what happened back then,” Finnick concluded. He then turned to look at Vivian and said, “There are two versions to the incident, one based on my memory and the other based on the investigation. Which one do you believe, Vivian?”

Vivian was caught off guard as she did not expect Finnick to question her like this.

She looked into his dark and mysterious eyes which seemed to be calling out for her empathy.

Looking into his eyes, her heart ached for him, and she whispered, “I believe you.”

Finnick’s eyes flickered in response, and his lips twitched, he then said, “Regardless of whether you really mean what you said, I’m happy to hear your answer.”

Just then, Vivian suddenly knelt before him, bringing herself to his level on the wheelchair.

She held his hands and said earnestly, “I really mean it. I believe you like how you chose to believe me back then. No matter what the evidence points to, I choose to believe what you say.”

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