Never Late, Never Away Chapter 15

At that moment, Ashley, who was hugging Vivian’s arm, revealed a surprised expression. Suddenly, she smiled. “Oh, right! I’d almost forgotten that Fabes used to go to the same university as you. He’s also in the journalism department, so he’s your senior.”

“Yeah, I know him.” Suppressing the bitter feeling that was arising in her heart, Vivian pretended to be calm. “It’s just that I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

When Fabian noticed Vivian’s indifference, his eyes narrowed. “Ashley, can I speak to your sister for a while?”

The look in Ashley’s eyes changed. However, she still maintained her gentle demeanor. “Okay, I’ll see if I can help out in the kitchen.”

At that, only Vivian and Fabian were left in the living room.

“What’s wrong, Vivian? Why didn’t you react to the fact that I’m now your brother-in-law now?” asked Fabian mockingly, as he lowered his head and stared at Vivian.

“What kind of reaction would you have liked me to have? Should I have called you my brother-in-law?” Vivian eyed Fabian coldly. “Or perhaps, you’d like me to call you the grandson of the Norton family?”

Fabian’s expression fell.

He hated it when others called him that. In fact, he despised it even more when others had tried to get closer to him because of his family background.

Hence, when he was studying in college, he refused his father’s offer to send him abroad to the United Kingdom. Instead, he went to Z College in the adjacent city, as he pretended to be a poor man.

It was then when he had met Vivian.

When he had first met her, he treasured her a lot because she loved him for being “Fabian”, rather than for being the “grandson of the Norton family”.

However, the harsh reality dealt a slap to him. Vivian had dumped him, a supposedly “broke bloke.” For the sake of money, she had even…

When Fabian recalled those photos from the past, he felt heartbroken. He grabbed Vivian’s wrist tightly and mocked, “Vivian, now that you know that I’m not only the Chief Editor of Glamour Magazine but also a member of the Norton family, do you regret it now? However, I can give you a chance to make amends…”

Vivian raised her head slowly and gazed at Fabian’s furious expression. Before she could respond, he continued viciously, “Since you’re willing to sell anything for money, why don’t you be my mistress?”

Vivian’s eyes widened in shock, unable to fathom that Fabian could utter something like that.

“Ha! Are you tempted by my offer?” The mocking look on Fabian’s face intensified. “It’s not surprising, though. Although you’re married, you’ve continued to engage in such indecent affairs, right? Instead of remaining with a disgusting old man, it’ll better to be with me, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry. I’m from the Norton family. I can give you anything that you desire.”

Vivian was suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of disgust.

She had never thought that Fabian, whom she had once deeply loved, would disgust her so much.

“Oh, right. Vivian, Mom says that she needs to get some wine. Would you like to accompany me?”

Fortunately, Ashley appeared at that moment, interrupting Vivian’s urge to slap Fabian’s face harshly.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Shooting a glance at the man, who quickly resumed his gentle demeanor, Vivian followed Ashley towards the wine cellar.

“Truthfully, Fabes doesn’t like to drink red wine.” When they were picking the wine, Ashley suddenly spoke up, “Haha! A lot of his habits are unlike those of wealthy men.”

Unaware of why Ashley was suddenly bringing this up, Vivian merely muttered an acknowledgement.

“So, it’s normal that you didn’t recognize him to be the grandson of the Norton family,” drawled Ashley.

Vivian’s expression suddenly stiffened. Her head snapped up, as she looked at Ashley, who had a bright smile upon her face. “However, Vivian, no matter how much you regret it now, Fabes is already mine.”

Vivian was astonished.

Ashley is aware of my past with Fabian?

“You want to ask me how I’ve come to know about it?” Ashley’s smile became more coquettish. “Naturally, Fabes had told me about it himself.”

Vivian felt a sense of unease, rising within her.

Did Fabian narrate our past to Ashley as if it were all a joke?

“Huh? You don’t appear too happy, Vivian.” Holding the wine bottle, Ashley inched closer to her.

Unable to tolerate it any longer, Vivian’s expression turned cold. “Ashley, what are you trying to say?”

Only then did the hypocritical smile fade from Ashley’s face. A hostile glint appeared in her eyes as she warned, “Vivian, you know what I’m trying to tell you. I know that you’re working in the same company as Fabes. However, I’m warning you now. Don’t covet something that doesn’t belong to you!”

Gazing at Ashley’s threatening look, Vivian finally found that all of this hilariously ridiculous.

“Don’t worry.” She raised her hand. “I am already married. I am completely uninterested in your fiancé.”

When Ashley saw the wedding ring that was on Vivian’s finger, she was momentarily stunned. Notwithstanding, she quickly burst out laughing.

“Vivian, you’re already married? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” She took a closer look at her ring and laughed even louder. “It appears as though my brother-in-law is an honest man. He must be really nice to you, right?”

To Ashley, an “honest man” was synonymous with a poor man.

Without denying it, Vivian coolly replied, “You’re not worried anymore, right?”

“I’ve never been worried.” Ashley feigned an innocent and harmless look again. Blinking her eyes, she drawled, “After all, after what had happened two years ago… Even if you’d wanted to reconcile with Fabes, he wouldn’t be willing to do so either, right?”

Vivian’s body shuddered, as she glared at Ashley.

Ashley’s grin grew wider. She abruptly moved closer to Vivian and lowered her voice. “After all, who’ll accept a woman who has been ravaged by a stinky, old man?”

Ashley’s words were like daggers to Vivian’s heart, causing her to feel extremely distressed. Her body started to quiver uncontrollably as she soon yelled, “That’s enough! Stop talking…”

However, Ashley moved even closer to her ears. With a mocking tone, she scorned, “Vivian, does your current husband know that your virginity was stolen by an old man, two years ago? And… It was only for a price of ten thousand…”

“That’s enough!” shrieked Vivian, who was unable to bear it any longer. She shoved Ashley aside forcefully.


Ashley fell onto the floor, causing the wine bottle to be smashed into smithereens.


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