Never Late, Never Away Chapter 151

Vivian raised her head with a frown, and from the mirror, she saw Ashley staring at her with a darkened face.

How hapless can I get?

Why am I running into so many people just by coming to the washroom?

She did not feel like talking to Ashley, so she quickly washed her hands and headed to the cubicle.

But Ashley held her back and shouted at her, “Vivian, stop right there!”

Vivian furrowed her brows in annoyance.

What’s the matter with her again?

“What are you doing?” She stared coldly at Ashley.

“Ha! I should be the one asking that question!” Ashley seemed a little drunk as well and yelled at Vivian, “What were you saying to Fabian outside? Are you trying to seduce him again?”

Vivian frowned.

So she heard Fabian talking to me outside.

Indeed, she felt it was unfair for Fabian to treat Ashley, his fiancée, with such an ambiguous attitude.

However, it was improbable for her to have sympathy for Ashley, so she pushed her hand away detachedly and said in an indifferent tone, “Ashley, are you blaming me for your own failure in keeping your man?”

After saying that, she did not even bother to take another look at Ashley and turned around to leave even though she hadn’t used the washroom.

Being pushed away by Vivian, Ashley stumbled in her high heels and almost fell, but she managed to grab onto the sink. Looking at Vivian’s leaving figure, her eyes were instantly filled with jealousy.


How could you be so arrogant?

I will definitely take you down!

Just you wait!

At that thought, she suddenly remembered something and reached into her pocket to take out a small bottle. The glint in her eyes turned icier.

Since there’s more than enough, why don’t I leave some for Vivian?


Although she’s a filthy piece of trash, she’s a married woman after all. If someone else sleeps with her again, regardless of how tolerant Finnick and Fabian are, they won’t be able to accept it.

That thought raised a cunning curl on Ashley’s rosy lips. She was no longer sad nor indignant. Instead, she raised her head high and strutted out of the washroom like an arrogant peacock.

Meanwhile, Vivian went to another washroom before returning to the private room.

Some of her colleagues had run wild as a result of being intoxicated.

Not long after Vivian sat down, the waiter came in with another round of beverages, which were all alcoholic drinks except for one glass of juice.

Everyone grabbed their drinks while Vivian took the only glass of juice and started sipping from it.

After some time, Vivian felt a little sleepy. She stood up and yelled amidst the loud music, “I still need to come up with a report tomorrow morning, so I better leave first.”

Nonetheless, everyone was too occupied with having fun, so no one noticed her.

Helplessly, she shook her head and grabbed her purse before walking to Fabian’s side. “Mr. Norton, thanks for the fun tonight. I shall leave first.”

At that moment, Ashley was sitting right next to Fabian, watching her warily.

Fabian was probably drunk, looking all downcast and weary. Upon hearing Vivian’s words, he only nodded while pressing his fingers against his temples.

Vivian left the room too quickly and missed the evil smirk on Ashley’s face.

Vivian was planning to take a cab home, but before she knew it, she missed a few steps and stumbled. Fortunately, she held on to the wall of the corridor in time.

D*mn it!

What’s happening to me?

I didn’t take any alcohol, did I? Why am I feeling so dizzy? Why are my limbs totally drained of strength?

Other than that, she could feel an inexplicable heat burning in her. Although she was wearing a miniskirt and sitting in an air-conditioned room, she was still perspiring heavily.

She raised her head in a fright, and from the door of the private room beside her, she saw her own reflection.

Her face was oddly crimson, and her eyes bore an enticing glint.

Something’s off.

Vivian could tell immediately that these unusual responses of her body were exactly like the ones she experienced two years ago!

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