Never Late, Never Away Chapter 153

Soon, Finnick was standing in front of Vivian with a slightly pale face. As he took Vivian into his arms, he stared at her tear-stained face. In a soft tone, he asked, “Vivian, are you okay?”

It was only then that Vivian realized something was amiss. Looking at Finnick who was standing in front of her, she asked anxiously in a hushed voice, “Finnick, why are you standing? Where’s your wheelchair?”

This is a karaoke club!There

’re so many people watching. If someone recognizes Finnick and informs Mark, his efforts in hiding this secret all these years would be in vain!

Having said that, she looked up to find Noah running anxiously from the end of the corridor while pushing a wheelchair. Clearly, Finnick had been running too fast that he failed to keep up.

In contrast to Vivian’s panic, Finnick could not care less about that. When he saw the crimson hue on Vivian’s cheeks and felt the unusual heat in his arms, he came to a sudden realization. “Vivian, have you been drugged?”

Vivian had been so worried about Finnick that she forgot about her own discomfort momentarily. It was only when Finnick asked her the question that she realized her body temperature had risen even higher as he held her in his arms. It was as if a fire was spreading within her.

Before she could say anything, a soft moan escaped her lips, and she was shocked at the allure in her voice.

Just then, Noah was huffing and puffing as he pushed the wheelchair near Finnick and glanced around restlessly, making sure that no one had noticed Finnick. Then, he lowered his voice and said, “Mr. Norton, please sit down quickly.”

But it seemed like Finnick did not hear him as he bent down abruptly to scoop Vivian into his arms.

“Mr. Norton, you…”

Overwhelmed with shock, Noah asked hurriedly but Finnick had already carried Vivian in his arms and sprinted out, instructing, “Get me a room in the hotel next door immediately!”

Finnick carried Vivian as quick as he could to a hotel suite, totally ignoring the passersby who pointed fingers at him on the way.

Upon reaching the suite, he carried Vivian to the bathtub without any hesitation and turned on the cold water faucet. The water gushed out on Vivian while Finnick spoke sternly, “Vivian, stay sober!”

The cold water extinguished the fire on Vivian’s skin, but not the one within her.

In fact, the contrast between the external cold and the internal heat made her extremely uncomfortable.

She curled up in the bathtub in agony and struggled to speak, “I feel… terrible… It hurts…”

Looking at how tormented Vivian was, Finnick felt like he had been stabbed in his heart.

Meanwhile, he realized that the few wounds on Vivian’s body hadn’t recovered, and soaking them underwater detached the gauze.

Other than that, Finnick noticed very soon that the substance Vivian consumed was very strong. No matter how much cold water he poured over Vivian, the red hue on her face would not fade. As time passed, the effect became even stronger, causing her face to turn sickly red and her body to coil in anguish.

D*mn it!

Who the hell did this!

Using such a strong drug on her!

Finnick could not bear to see her suffer any longer, so he carried her from the bathtub and took off her soaked clothes. Then, he dried her up quickly with the towels and carried her to the bed.

But even after he adjusted the air conditioner setting to the lowest temperature, Vivian was still exceedingly feverish.

The agony she felt became increasingly unbearable like numerous ants were biting at her bones.

In her tormenting trance, the slender figure of Finnick looked like a ray of hope to her.

Unable to think straight, she reached out her hand to grab his arm and pleaded softly, “Finnick, please help me… It’s so uncomfortable…”

Vivian had the least idea how her voice sounded like to Finnick. Husky yet sugary, it was definitely testing Finnick’s limits.

To make matters worse, the sight of her smooth bare body lying underneath the blanket and her damp hair spreading out on her rosy cheeks was driving Finnick to the edge of his wit.

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